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  1. SuperG

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    awesome, Thanks for this info. Will look into it.
  2. SuperG

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    Yes we have amazing country here and especially in the summer. Great sea dooing, boating, atving, sledding in this area if i do say so myself. Just I mostly ride this area and I have yet to experience most of the province which is also on my list to explore more, but I think I just need to experience all of what I hear from everyone else. Glad to hear you are having a blast in my area! Yes from what I hear its a blast. I do not want to include travel time as part of the 7 days of riding. We are at a moderate pace and can usually handle 250-300kms a day maybe up to 350 on a good day with good conditions etc. I was thinking somewhere either around mid February or early march is best... Also was thinking on doing a RAP tour maybe if we have better conditions this season as I have yet to do that. Will keep posted on here as more comes about. This is absolutely early in the stages and am just getting a feel around for who is interested from my work and anyone else that wants to join in. I want it to be a fun time with lots of exploring and taking in all that it has to offer while not feeling rushed. Thanks for the insight, Ciao.
  3. Hi ya'll, Hope everyone is enjoying there summer so far?? Mine is pretty busy with working lots, getting ordered to stay past my shift as not enough officers on and working lots of overtime, along with any fire calls on my time off from work. That being said will be leaving me with some nice needed pay checks. This got me thinking that I have never really been anywhere only New Brunswick 10 years ago and that was only for me to do my officer training for 3 1/2 months. All I hear is how great Quebec is to ride from the trails, to the accommodations, to the breath taking scenery, and how everyone is more friendly over there and welcoming to sledders. Well I've had enough!!!! I WANT TO GO! I chatted yesterday with a buddy from work and hes in on at least a week long trip. Im asking this here if anyone has any tips as to where is best to go ride and best accommodations, as well as to the best time to go that will give the best conditions and not a lot of people on the trail (obviously the weekend will be busier). Also is anyone else interested in tagging along ? Thanks in advance. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and its a safe one. Gavinator
  4. SuperG

    OFSC BOG Decision

    A welcome change in my eyes. Yes some parts of mots does make sense and helps but in most areas is creating a lot of headache. A lot of districts are feeling the pinch and have been operating in the red for quite some time since this mots idea came about. There was never really any REAL numbers showing cost savings for district mergers etc other than they would be saving on instead of giving two groomers to two districts they would now only be giving one to a super district to fight amongst themselves as to where it’ll go. As for saving on administration I really call bs on that one! Getting rid of one admin just to hire another more payed manager $90k + a year just to manage groomer fleet etc plus all the other consulting groups getting shelled money to etc. Seriously what a waste of money! I think we are best to keep some some parts of mots that worked and come up with a better proven system that works unanimously! Over 40% membership against mots and it was passed should not have done. Instead this has devided a lot of the membership especially on such a major change to the company. We need a plan with lots of discussion with proven results and input from the membership and NOT from outside agencies wanting to make a buck! We have a lot of great talent within our membership and we should capitalize on that. Just my lousey two cents on it.
  5. SuperG

    EOTA Trail Pass

    Yes I echo most of what diceman has said. But a lot of people are butt hurt to the fact that EOAT pulled out of reciprocal agreement with ofatv. Fact is ofatv is NOT perfect and had a sneaky condition they were wanting in the agreement so EOAT did what is right and declined the agreement. EOTA also this year has a reciprocal agreement with Park To Park which spans from Algonquin Provincial Park to KillBear provincial park just north of parry sound. There is no perfect club but all clubs try their best with what they have to work with for their pass holders. As for crown it’s just that, crown land for anyone’s use unless the odd time the ministry does have an lup with with a club or some crown land is restricted use such as in conservation areas etc. Fact is you’ll be on crown for maybe a couple kilometres then will be on private property which has an lup with the club or you’ll be entering into the clubs property which then you’ll need the pass so really your just better off having a pass for the area your riding the most. I’d suggest getting the seasonal pass for the area you chose to ride in most and just get day passes for the ones you don’t do a lot of. As for maintenance most clubs do as much as they can afford. EOTA has a decent pot and does do trail maintenance from what I hear. Hope that helped some.
  6. SuperG

    Parry Sound Parking

    yup since the new owners taken over last year its started going down hill IMO. They started closing at 10pm now which to me is wrong for being an off the highway stop it should be open. As well the north end tim hortons by the mall in parry sound which did originally close at 10pm is now going to start closing at 7pm!
  7. sorry just saw this now, been busy and havent been on in a week. Its today from 10-3ish. hope you can make it
  8. SuperG

    Northland Recreation Utterson Ski-Doo Can-am Sea-Doo

    Yes I absolutely agree with you there! Bought my sled from their windermere location last year and had my sea doo in for servicing the year before from them. Last year I didnt even try for a quote from them I went to St Onge in barrie first thinking the bigger dealer would give me a better price, I went in and almost had to beg someone for customer service then got a guy named Jason and sat down with him and I wanted out of there within 2 minutes. I did not feel like a customer to him rather than just a number and hated it. He stuck to the price and would not through in anything had gave me the worst attitude ever like almost how dare i bother his day. I hear now he is no longer with them.... Then went the leatherdale in orillia and they were way more friendly but were only 100$ less then st onge and also would not through anything in. Went to the cove and same sort of attitude and service as st onge I also did not have great customer or service from them on my sea doo hence why i went to Northland after. Then the sled show happened and I saw the northland rec salesman there next to the cove salesman and Jeff the Northland rec salesman recognized me and came up to greet me at the ski doo booth. I ran it by him the sled i wanted and he went to work on his magic pricing me it all out and right away started $800 below msrp all the others started at msrp and would not go below it first off then he through in a cover and muffs as well as 20% off all accessories and free installation. All the others wouldnt even through in muffs for me. Ive been back there for my first service and they treat you like a valued customer and not another number. Also to was just there yesterday to pick up our fire dept atv rescue unit to get service done on it as since new bought from the cove in 2009 it has always been serviced there and we have had nothing but problems with it and much of the same problems. I recommended to the chief we try northland rec out for service as a fresh set of eye might help or we might have just got a lemon of a vehicle. I dropped it off on Weds and they called me to pick it up yesterday. When I called them on weds thinking it would be at least a week getting in as i knew they were really busy but they knowing it was for FD went to work on it asap. I continue to have nothing but great service and great things to say about this dealer which is no wonder they got the national dealer award! great job guys. They also support both Muskoka and parry sound snowmobiling district clubs. OMG I saw this pic and thought that was ED Medved but thought no couldn't be. Guess he got a nice semi retirement job. Good for him, He was the best inspector I ever got a chance to meet and at times work beside here and there. Great guy.
  9. SuperG

    Snowmobiles to the Rescue

    Meh it is what it is and needed to be said IMO. Everyone for the most part i hear commending them blah blah. And in some ways I guess so since they got themselves out of the mess they were in and no one died from this stupidity. Thanks bud, although yes in some instances some leg breaks can be serious and depending on which leg or femur is broke, could have nicked an artery and bled out so even then 911 should be called to an extent. Its not that that im upset with that but rather the two agencies involved that thought they knew everything and especially the super troopers taking everyones lives into their own hands by NOT calling on the proper resources that were and are available to them. This could have been a SIMPLE patient extraction from his cabin in a safer controlled environment with the available resources to them.
  10. SuperG

    Parry Sound ride

    Yes definitely avoid that for parking and possibly staying at and eating lol. 15$ just to park for the day I find that ridiculous! You should have just turned left instead of right off oastler park dr exit and 3 kms down the road there is a plowed out section township owned off cargil rd and right beside C-ALT trail. FREE overnight parking there, also if staying here or wanting a good meal there is Grand Tappattoo resort, The log cabin inn, lil joes restaurant, memories of muskoka restaurant just to name a few that are all excellent places to either stay or eat and they support the clubs. The two local OPP patrolling our area trails are a good team so far and do enforce having no permits which is nice and they are helpful to the sledders as was in your case. Trails are what they are and we are doing the best with them with what we have to work with. Some more snow fell today a few cms worth of fluff but its better than nothing. We do need more snow to make trails perfect again. Hope to see you on the trails one day, cheers.
  11. SuperG

    Snowmobiles to the Rescue

    As far as im concerned im going to be that one a$$hole here and state the hard facts that many will see as harsh but sorry I call it the way it is. This whole scenario was doomed before it even started. First was the STUPID decision to go out on the ice just after a significant thaw and over a river that has a decent current! Second after venturing out with sleds they make another STUPID decision to venture off the hard packed trail to make it easier on the patient which then definitely put ALL their lives at risk. Its definitely better for the patient to put up with a bit of discomfort than to make a decision like that that put everyone at an increased risk more than they already were. The one firefighter I do know and can attest she is not the sharpest tool in the shed! As well the supper troopers who do think they know everything and decided NOT to call a fully assembled and certified Ice Water Rescue Team AND AIRBOAT from Seguin FD A mere half hourish down the highway, decided to take everyones lives at risk when there was definitely a way better and safer alternative that was most certainly available to them! Sorry but it friggin irritates me the friggin ego on some of those super troopers to put everyones lives at risk rather than call out a specialized team and equipment to deal with the situation properly and with way less risk that is available to the whole Parry Sound DISTRICT and beyond. Let the hatred comments towards me fly for speaking the truth..
  12. Pretty much was. The OPP SAVE team has been on the provincial chopping block for a while now and the OPP SAVE team whined to their union that they are taking our jobs away from us and we will have to go back to regular duty patrol so the OPP MADE up the thing about it being unsafe for volunteers to be doing police type duties although they didn't have any supporting documentation to support that it was unsafe. And as usual the OFSC just let it happen and bows down to whatever organization that wants to take it all over.
  13. Sometimes were with police and sometimes without. There was nothing that I know of stating they had to be with police as special constables they had the full authority to enforce the msva and liquor licence acts etc. Our local STOP officers went out alot on their own or with other STOP or trail patrol officers. I know some had a power trip attitude but for the most part I would have liked to see the local STOP officers out on the trail rather than regular OPP SAVE officers out on our trails IMO.
  14. Yes it is coming from the deputy commish as at last ofsc agm I had a good discussion with him especially with less enforcement on the trails as we dont have the STOP program anymore and even he admitted he didnt see any police enforcement on the trails last year when he was riding. I also brought up the fact that local detachments should be notifying the local ofsc district of accidents on OUR trails as we have to do our own accident investigation and reporting to the ofsc and he did seem in agreement with that in sharing some info to the clubs. I also heard he is mandating those heavy traffic areas and those detachments that have sled officers to be doing more sled patrols and permit enforcement also ofsc and him are working on doing more trail patrol and officer ride alongs so to speak. This week alone here in PSSD area Ive seen the local OPP out on sled patrol for the past 3 days especially. Which is nice to see.
  15. SuperG

    Parry Sound Area Trails

    Oh we must of stopped you on the weekend some time.... well glad to hear all our hard work is appreciated. and glad you had a good weekend by the sounds of it. Thanks for the compliment and I will pass this along to the rest of the gang. Enjoy the season and hopefully see you on the trails.