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  1. Also they look good on beer cans LOL.
  2. Congrats on the new whip Mike! I know the first thing you'll do is slap a six star sticker on it lol.
  3. Well sounds like you got lucky with the right salesman. I was not so lucky . After dealing with St.Onge I went to two other dealers who both were only $100 off what St.Onge quoted me, not enough to entice me. Then dealt with sales at Northland and right away knocked off $800 off the MSRP which the rest only 100$ below MSRP and St.Onge stayed right on MSRP. Northland also offered me 20% off all accessories for the length i have it as well as free installation. They did through in muffs and a cover for me. The rest did not offer me anything. As for service, Ive always had great service from them and once they stayed half hour after closing just to complete trailer repair for my sea doo trailer i had. As for the Enduro 900, It has met my expectations for sure! Seriously this has been the best sled purchase I've made that im actually really happy about ALL aspects of the sled. I love that the engine has such great fuel range/economy but as well how completely adjustable the whole sled is. Yes it takes a bit to get use to how quiet the engine is but i got use to it quick as well was pleasantly surprised to the power it did have when you put it in sport mode.
  4. Yes I have them this year and what a difference from not having them. To be able to adjust your runner throughout the day according to the conditions is the best. After riding only 2300kms this year with them so far so good.
  5. Well if everyone else gets the same salesman that I went in to see at St. Onge, they WONT be in business for long. Jason was his name and right from the get go was a rude prick and never cared for his attitude. After chatting with 2 minutes I wanted to get out of there! NOT very friendly for wanting to sell sleds etc. Went to Northland Rec after that. What an experience it was. Much friendlier staff that made me feel like a real valued customer and NOT just another number. The other bonus was that I got the best price on my sled from them and St.Onge was no where close nor would they through anything in. Dont know anyone elses experience with St.Onge as I've heard mixed reviews about them but mostly the same as my experience...
  6. Yes you have till 9am sat june 17th at the now called Super 8 hotel(Jolly Roger) off 400 hwy exit 217 just south of parry sound to check in then the ride starts at 9am from there heading to sprucedale for a great BBQ lunch, on the way there we will take another trail section that will give all riders a variety of more technical, muddy trail section to enjoy then hop back out to the seguin trail to continue to sprucedale. An if you dont want to take that trail you dont have to. You then come back to check in at the super 8 for 5pm and then dinner at the Seguin Valley Golf Course for an awesome bacon wrapped pork tenderloin dinner with a poker/ prizes to continue the fun.
  7. Yes it was a good run. I found it to be a bit brutal of a trail for some of the riders. I left near the end of the pact with the prostate extreme team boys that do a great job! but about 10km into the ride their one atv broke down but the other guy hopped into their sxs to continue on. At about 25kms in my buddy had a steering linkage break so I had to tow him back to the nearest road and I decided to end my ride at 30kms with him and limped him back to the trailer. I did find this years dinner wasn't the greatest. Although great job as always by the AWATV club. I am looking forward to our Do it for dads atv rally on june 17th which has been getting bigger every year we have it. Again we have our local MPP Norm miller coming and hopefully will have yet to be confirmed MP Tony Clement and with some luck maybe Rick Mercer! If you want to join in on the fun and prizes log onto parktoparktrail.org and register for this event as proceeds help support the prostate extreme team and P2P.
  8. Of course they pulled them out no problem, SKI-DOOS pulled them out
  9. C trail in what area are you looking at ? An C trail will be closed due to the warm/rainy weather of late and no snow at least that I know for district 10/parry sound area...
  10. Radar runs are cancelled for this weekend
  11. Georgian bay trailers sells them as well.
  12. We are sorry but due to mother nature not making up her mind if its winter or spring, we are having to postpone our radar run that was happening this saturday the 25th now is going to be held on March 11th.
  13. I understand your frustration with that as you were not going too far but also for them its a safety aspect of it and with the way this season has gone with so many deaths, safety is on their #1 priority. Think of this if he had not stopped and ticketed you for it and you decided to go across the street just to go for a quick rip cause your buddy now talked you into doing so and you rapped your sled around a tree or another careless sledder hit you and you were killed, he'd have your death on his conscious as well john Q public would be bashing him for not stopping you in the first place about not wearing the helmet which would also put him in a liability state having saw you driving without a helmet and did nothing about it. For them those things are a catch 22. its not like you having a race can or other after market can on and giving you a ticket for that. That is something that is more discretionary that they can do. Just another way of looking at it from their stand point. I know it sucks getting a ticket regardless.
  14. Great vid Blake! an thanks for the feedback! I share the exact same frustrations as you do for all that you said. Both with the freeloaders and us not having proper enforcement or the proper tools to do so unlike Quebec! As well to finally abolish this crazy freeloader weekend! It was leaning towards an end last agm but again you get those very very few clubs mainly from down south speaking in favour for it as they apparently see numbers to support it which is crazy!!!!! 3/4 or more of the clubs in the province DONT see the numbers to support it and its basically putting a slap in the face of PAYING permit buyers! Do the province, the permit buyers and most of the hard working volunteers a favour and VOTE NO at the upcoming agm to abolish it or at the very least have it every 3 years or so and NOT on the long weekend! Perhaps the same date as quebec. An for christ sake amend and update the MSVA already! we need higher fines for the freeloaders and more enforcement tools available to trail patrol.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to post those. A lot of work went into making the trails as great as they are this year. Glad you had a good ride by the looks of things. I'll pass along your thanks to the rest of the club members.