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  1. Just a thought, I know the shoulder seasons are hard but a lot of people like breakfast me included. I notice that theres no breakfast menu nor does it look like they are open in the early mornings. Some sledders would maybe like to start off from this location, have breakfast and head out. they would be missing out on this in my opinion.
  2. New ITG

    I couldnt agree more! I absolutely HATE this version of ITG. IMO its worse! You cant click on the section of trail you want and get the total amount of kms your route you picked has etc. And yes no find where you are button like on the app that has it which i find handy. NOT impressed with it so far. I hope they add this stuff back to it if they expect it to be successful. No new app nor any updates to the current app. I was told that by OFSC rep and was told I can delete said app. I for one am NOT deleting it as I find it more useful than that disgrace they have up so far.
  3. Trail Patrol 2018

    A member from a club did suggest that a local connection would be beneficial which it is but when said person transfers out and you get some unwilling nitwit in that refuses to divulge out ANY info then thats a problem! I did mention it to OPP Blair at AGM that it actually is beneficial to both parties that it should be policy when an accident occurs on OUR trails that the OPP should notify right away that an accident occurred on said trail at said time etc instead of saying we cant say anything for privacy reasons and he actually said he would consider that. Cause a lot of the time the ORS responders dont get any info about an accident or might hear it from word of mouth or sometimes dont know about it till the accident party files a lawsuit with your club. As for OPP and STOP, 2 seasons ago we had our STOP officers and a bad winter with less fatalities than this season. This season we no longer have our STOP officers and another bad winter and fatalities were up. Is it related to us having no STOP hard to say but i would put a big yes on it. You got Mrs Reid at the OFSC and her committee wanting to run down our current trail patrol to walmart greeters! they are wanting to get rid of the enforcement aspect of it all together, such BS especially now when we have next to no enforcement on our trails.
  4. Online trail permits now available

    LOL, Yes for sure anytime you want to bud. Yes just put pending in both fields and your good to go.
  5. FXR FAST Suits

    I got the FXR adrenaline jacket and team pants two seasons ago and found them to be amazing. Always warm even at -30 and if it warms up just open up all the vents on it. Also was caught in a bit of rain a couple times and water never got in. one of a few good investments. Go to royal or some place that will let you try some one so you know your size then just get at the sled show from royal at sale/no tax pricing. And hope you dont get that B!&$h manager from the Barrie royal store. Shes a royal see you next tuesday!
  6. Online trail permits now available

    I just got mine on the 10th ordered on the 1st, regular mail. We can be permit brothers lol. Hope you and everyone else on here had a great thanksgiving weekend.
  7. Online trail permits now available

    They have, it was agreed at agm to a price increase of 10$. Submitted to the MTO for approval and well I guess they approved it.
  8. Online trail permits now available

    Well even at 4 mins after 8 I was #8. I was hoping for 007 but was just one short lol.
  9. Another OFSC corporate position!!!

    Glad they are saving ALL that money on a few administrative positions forcing districts to merge when they dont want to and the OFSC doesnt care what they're concerns were about it nor allowing them to vote on it! You know these positions will be close to the 90k a year plus range. Only real savings they have on this is instead of giving out two new groomers to two districts they'll have to give one groomer to a super district! Im loosing faith in OUR OFSC!
  10. OFSC AGM Fri and Sat

    A few officers I stopped beside as they were doing roadside checks they were just checking for val tags, insurance, registration. One sled didn't have a permit on it and he let them go. Didn't care about the no permit at all just wanted to know about the other stuff. I asked them about why they let him go without a permit and he literally told me he didn't care about the permits just the other legal documents and sobriety, he said the permits were my thing. He was also a local member of the beloved SAVE team! BRING back our STOP officers! So they can patrol OUR trails!
  11. OFSC Swings and Misses

    Yes although quite lame! and yes I can't wait for NUTTER to come on here defending it as well LOL. The OFSC put it to us at the agm that all their surveys they did, did point to more snowmobiling traffic coming from these ZOOMERS. Apparently it did not cost the OFSC anything for them to do this..... so in their eyes i guess why not......
  12. OFSC AGM Fri and Sat

    Yes this is pretty pathetic! We all knew this would when the OPP disbanded our STOP officers. They care for all of the above EXCEPT our PERMITS when they are on OUR trails. If they are enforcing on OUR trails then they MUST check permits! Sorry I did forget to bring that point up with him, I was more focused on the point of that there is next to NO enforcement on our trails now. My gov told me it was changed to the feb 2nd, 3rd weekend.
  13. OFSC AGM Fri and Sat

    I know with the deputy OPP commissioner in charge of HSD etc that was there I stated it to him I know the real reason you disbanded the STOP program due to your SAVE team BS. He acknowledged that part but then quickly went to stating it was due to "safety reasons" they shut it down which is the biggest BS i've heard.I wanted to ask him where is your data to support that theory of being unsafe?? They have much of the same self defense training as the full OPP officers and were trained in most aspects of dealing with the MSVA and liquor acts etc. And the OFSC just folded to the OPP on this with NO fight what so ever! Pathetic! Those are OUR trails NOT the OPP! He even acknowledged the fact that there has been a steady DECLINE every year on OPP enforcement and presence on OUR trails. Himself last season even stated while he was out sledding he did NOT see 1 OPP on our trails. Our T.P needs better enforcement tools to aid them in doing their job properly and the OFSC NEEDS to get on this faster rather than later! Maybe similar to that of quebec etc. Although highly unlikely with Cheryl Reid drumming through her Walmart greeter stance for T.P! I touched briefly with him for the fact with respects to ORS responders. When we hear of accidents on OUR trails we send out ORS responders to do their investigations and reporting similar to that that the OPP do when a collision occurs on the trails. I stated it is often hard for responders to get the proper info as most officers site privacy BS. Yes their names and address info they dont need to give out but they certainly can tell us that #1 a collision did happen on said trail at said time along with any other relevant info they CAN give out. He at least acknowledged this point and then stated to Paul that they might be able to make a set policy for this province wide which would be nice. yes some ors have contacts to their own detachments but sometimes contacts change and you get less cooperation then you were before. Thanks minister of tourism for giving us $1 million! we'll try not to spend that all in one place!
  14. First Purchase of the Season

    Very nice mike! Congrats. Look forward to seeing that new beauty on the snow and with a SSSC sticker on er Very nice upgrade on both John! Congrats. Let me know your thoughts on the Taco. I often pondered about getting one before I got my F-150 ecoboost especially when my brother in law is the head Toyota mechanic near me. Awesome news Torches, congrats!