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  1. Just wondering how the Northern District 9 snow base held up through the thaw? We had planned to head to Owen Sound/Wiarton next Friday, just wanted to know if they lost everything. Conditions up there last weekend were amazing. Thanks!
  2. Owen Sound..

    Trails were great up that way on Wednesday. We rode into OS from the West. The zig zag up the escarpment was a bit thin but otherwise it was awesome everywhere. It should be even better now.
  3. Wingham to Collingwood

    Where is the best riding in D9 up that way? Sauble, Wiarton or Collingwood ?
  4. Wingham to Collingwood

    Thanks so much for all the replies!
  5. Wingham to Collingwood

    Hello fellow sledders, just wondering if anyone has ever ran from Wingham to Collingwood and how long it took them? Also anyone that has ridden up in District 9 over the last couple of days how are the conditions ?
  6. What’s going on in D5/9

    Can anyone comment on the conditions as of this afternoon in the Collingwood/Wasaga area? Did a lot of the snow up that way stick around? Down in the Forest area, we lost pretty much everything. It loos like they are going to get some good accumulation over the next few days which should get things back on track!
  7. Open Limited

    Yes, great pic sledguy74. How was the riding towards the Owen Sound area from the South, snow depth, trail coverage? Thinking of heading that way tomorrow from Mount Forest...
  8. Trails Around Exeter Just Went Red

    Yes, sometimes when they are updating the ITG, some of the trails go red from a glitch until the updates are complete. I see it's back up now.
  9. Does anybody have any insight as to why all of the trails from Strath up to Exeter and surrounding area just went RED in the last hour? I'm assuming they are beat up from the weekend, but the area had like 3' of snow over the weekend...
  10. Status of D9 trails for the weekend

    Has there been any news around the Wingham, Teeswater, Point Clark area? With the 60+cm they have received in the past 4 days, you would think they are getting close...
  11. Poker/radar run this weekend

    The radar & poker run were great. Tons of sleds were in & out all day. In case anyone that wasn't there was looking for the winner numbers... Turbo Class - 105mph - yamaha 800cc Class - 96mph - skidoo 700cc Class - 91mph - ? 600cc Class - 87 mph - skidoo I'm not sure of the others.
  12. Some sections open

    The trails are in great shape from Wyoming to the clubhouse, on into Watford and north to the 4 corners. The 108 Inwood trail south is also snow covered and smooth. The groomer was out last night heading north towards Forest. The plowed fields are pretty rough heading into Forest from 4 corners. All open fields are in great shape, they only get a bit thin on top of the rolling hills.