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  1. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    BTW Zoso, we had that exact same camper ....
  2. First ride of the season....

    Lucky for us we don't have that much water sitting on our trails. If theres water usually it's a creek or swamp.

    Need them. They WILL scrape.
  4. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    From yesterday's ride .... 81km....
  5. First ride of the season....

    Had to be average 6" for the most part. Some spots thinner, as much as a foot in others. Great conditions for the short track sleds, you would have been fine with the Summit too. Let me know what day you're going and I'll join you.
  6. First ride of the season....

    Headed out to Hornepayne area for our first ride of the season. Sled hauler is great, does the job just fine. 3 sleds fit comfortably with plenty of room around them. Did some logging roads on both sides of the highway, got onto the not yet groomed trail, got to play for a while. Surprisingly there were no other sleds around..... 81 km ride, break in is now down to 23% .... almost had some company in the form of IQTurbo but he chickened out.... prolly still in tears after I texted him the pics ...
  7. Lets see your new sleds !

    Ok .... I had mine wrapped in a spare toque while plugged in and it would charge the battery. A Crown Royal bag works well too ..
  8. Lets see your new sleds !

    No glove box extension Bob ? Makes a nice partially heated compartment for electronics with the 12v adapter in there.... Nice sled!!
  9. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    Customer from Manitouwadge is saying close to 2 feet up North of Hillsport .... on the very same logging roads we hunt moose on .... Sunday plans same, location maybe different .... He said 18 inches on his facebook page, this is the Hillsport Hilton .....
  10. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    These were a week ago, bit more back there now. A gentleman was telling me this morning that Longlac area has some 14" on the ground, Matt17 said that there's about 8" of snow between Hornepayne and Mooseland in the area where we hunt, tons of logging roads for good paced riding. A plan is in place to hit it on Sunday, got Saturday all booked up already ...
  11. New sled pictures.. Finally..

    My 70 Alpine has a GP433 points engine in it circa 1985 .... 2nd most reliable unit in the stables, next to the 90 Cheyenne...
  12. New sled pictures.. Finally..

    .... guess I'll add the linq 2 up and backrest now then ..
  13. New sled pictures.. Finally..

    "Two Smokes at the back" LMAO what a Frank !! Remember what I said last breakfast we had together? "I'd build a points motor before buying an E-tec..." .... ..... Look at us all now riding 2 smokes !!!!
  14. BRP Combo Bag

    Yes it will Blake. Just looking at this on the Doo site.