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  1. Denis007

    Beer cans on trails

    My brother has a nice flask. He had this etched onto it ... "To M*** G******, the greatest fisherman I ever met. Bob Izumi."
  2. Denis007

    Beer cans on trails

    It's a problem for me if you're not done riding, and I'm on the same trails at the same time as you. I just don't think it's right. We've (almost) all had our youthful silly moments of drinking then driving when we were younger, myself included. I remember a late afternoon/evening ride that a friend of mine and I went on from KL to Sesekinika Resort, had a bowl of chili and a beer. Just one. I very much disliked the feeling of riding a sled after having only one, I could feel I wasn't myself and didn't enjoy it a bit. I haven't had a drink before sledding since. I'll think nothing of having a couple of glasses of wine during/after supper, then driving 3 blocks to the house (after a 2 hour stay after supper), because the sensations aren't the same as on a sled. It's difficult to explain.
  3. Denis007

    Hornepayne - Hearst

    Yeah well you know when someone can't stop babbling about their new sled they ordered....
  4. Denis007

    Hornepayne - Hearst

    Conditions would have been stellar, but I decided to stay home for personal reasons and I could use a lazy day anyway.
  5. Denis007

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    That's a beautiful piece buddy ....
  6. Denis007

    Hornepayne - Hearst

    I'm looking at MAYBE riding to Hornepayne & back tomorrow. Not grooming anywhere, no need. Trails don't need it. Fresh snow just makes them better, and there's been very little traffic over the last 2 weeks anyways. My day tomorrow depends on the max temperature they're calling for on the forecast tomorrow morning. I don't like riding on mashed potatoes and pushing a sled in less than ideal conditions.
  7. Denis007

    2020 Ski-Doo's

    Comes down to your personal preference. I prefer the wide body G4. I think it looks more mean, has a more aggressive look to it. It'd look better with me on a turbo, whipping past Nunz's 850 .... ahem ... lol !!!
  8. Denis007

    Cochrane Update..

    I know what I'd be getting.... just saying... Thanks to the Abitibi canyon crew and all the clubs on the Corridor for an exceptional season.
  9. Denis007

    2020 Ski-Doo's

    Ski-doo doesn't give a rat's ass about trail riders. They care about mountain and backcountry riding. They cater to the flatlanders as a courtesy for the most part. Hell, even the utility sleds get more improvements and attention than 137 and under group. Just try and prove otherwise.
  10. Denis007

    Cochrane Update..

    Friggin Etecs.... I'd never buy one of those.... LMAO
  11. Denis007

    Cochrane Update..

    Whaddaya say buddy, one last ride ? Grab up the FIL's POS and 'trow it in back of the Chevy ... ... I bet you're not even game to do it ...
  12. Denis007

    Cochrane Update..

    I might just make a last run to Hornepayne on Saturday .. I hear the hospital calling my name ... lol !!
  13. Denis007

    Oh the people you meet

    Gotta watch out for those old farts riding Alpines though... they're pretty messed up ...
  14. Denis007

    Cochrane Update..

    That's fine with me. Keep our loops in good shape for us locals
  15. Denis007

    Cochrane Update..

    I only use the A trail this side of Kap when absolutely necessary, or mid-season. L123 for me thanks. Fuel up in Moonbeam, then L123 to Opasatika, then L155 (or the Northern loops) from Mattice to Hearst.