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  1. Denis007

    The Abitibi Canyon Loop

    Was that an Abitibi Canyon Tour decal I saw on the left side of the sled ??? On the Renegade ?? Where did you get it ? Doo tell ... Excellent pics btw, thanks for sharing !!
  2. Denis007

    New Ski-Doo's

    It's been around for several years. 800 E-tec in previous years, I haven't seen what they've got in it this time. 1 3/4" track in previous chassis, no passenger seat, low windshield. Haven't had the time to go through the video yet, to see what's what. I usually find out around PDI time....
  3. Denis007


  4. Denis007


    We know how to get stuff done ....
  5. Denis007

    Hearst to Hornepayne....

    Lou the Viking... lol !! He tells me of a direct route to Kap from almost his front yard... could easily be made into a trail with little effort.
  6. Denis007

    No respect!

    Ever had your stuff stolen or property trashed yourself? Obviously not. Barbed wire, proper signage and flagging tape or ribbon to make the wire visible. I didn't say to put it across the groomed trail FFS ....
  7. Denis007

    No respect!

    Be a life lesson for some stupid bastage.
  8. Denis007

    Hearst to Hornepayne....

    I'm not surprised, "friendly" runs in the Gionet family....
  9. Denis007

    No respect!

    Barbed wire. Any idgit losing their heads or limbs could sue me all day long. I'd go out and put up more after being found guilty.
  10. Denis007

    Hearst to Hornepayne....

    Say Hi to my cousin Tony from the Foleyet club ... he'll probably be lurking in a Trail Patrol costume ....
  11. Denis007

    Today's Surprise - NCDN

    Last year we came across 2 that refused to get into the bush just this side of the KB river on the A trail. Had to overtake them at speed. Another time 3 years ago I saw one near Mooseland on the trail, he walked into the bush ... saw another one a few years ago too but don't recall where.
  12. Denis007


    I call Bullsh!t ...
  13. Denis007

    Hearst to Hornepayne....

    Yup... about as good as it gets.
  14. Denis007

    No respect!

    Perfect !!!!!!!!
  15. Denis007

    Today's Surprise - NCDN

    He May have been totally in his rights to be doing What he was doing.... the location is beyond questionable.... idgit....