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  1. Denis007

    First ride.

    I was born on Christmas, so this I'm to close as Jesus as y'all are gonna get.... My whole life has been a lie ....
  2. Denis007

    Advertising Signs Near Kap'

    I'm thinking he's referring to the lineup of individual signs just getting into town at either end of the A trail. It is very impressive to see. They had some similar signs here but are all but gone now.
  3. Denis007

    groomer driver s now need first aid

    What if he has to get out and cut a branch or limb with the saw, and cuts himself doing so ? He has to be able to fix himself up, as there's likely nobody with him. Removing brush from the brushing bar or deck of the drag, cut himself or fall, twist or break an ankle, wrist, anything. Gotta know how to do a proper splint to prevent the injury from getting worse. What if he comes across a sledder who's had an oops ? He could administer first aid to the rider so as they could get out to safety. Anyone who ventures way the hell out into the boonies, would do well to know basic first aid. Period.
  4. Denis007

    groomer driver s now need first aid

    All good things to have as a groomer operator. Miles from nowhere, one must be prepared for situations requiring medical attention, and be trained to operate the equipment at hand.
  5. Denis007

    Advertising Signs Near Kap'

    Claire Voyant would be in the know.
  6. Denis007

    Heavy Boots?

    Best boots I've ever worn are the Baffin Altimate.... I'd get another pair any day. I still wear them for cold sledding days and for outdoor stuff that requires a lot of standing around. Never once had cold feet except when I forgot to yank the liners out to dry.
  7. Denis007


    2nd permit ordered on Tuesday, got the shipping confirmation today.
  8. Denis007


  9. Denis007


    Punk ... My permit actually showed up yesterday too. The lady from our local Canada Post (the wifie) delivered it right to my 'puter desk ... best service ever !!
  10. Denis007


    I'll pass that on to the wife....
  11. Denis007


    I think they just waited and bulk shipped a bunch when they had a couple of weeks worth of them to ship. Got the same e-mail this morning.
  12. Denis007

    Happy Thanksgiving

  13. Denis007

    West of Hearst this morning.

    We got a wee bit of snow last night, just enough to be white on the cars and rooftops. Still coming down now, sure is pretty ...
  14. Denis007

    West of Hearst this morning.

    We didn't get any of it. Bummer.
  15. Denis007

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thank you my friends... I'm thankful for great friendships I've made via this forum and the great memories we've made together. Looking forward to another sledding season with you !!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all !!!