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  1. Denis007

    OFSC BOG Decision

    .... as long as you're buying ... I'll e-mail you my VIN's ...
  2. Denis007

    Missing winter? Me Too.

    Going to work on picking up a bike next year. Either a 250 or larger Enduro, or a retro street bike 70's or 80's. Anything but an adventure bike ...
  3. Denis007

    MF Ski Whiz

    Neighbors across the street had one... Big John (dad) was the only one able to pull it over. 3 of us kids could just barely pull the rope out ...
  4. Denis007

    On line trail map?

    Geezus, you can drive a full sized truck through that bush and never fold in a mirror. Try that up here and see how it goes....
  5. Denis007

    On line trail map?

    I actually prefer old logging roads myself, don't mind some narrow trails at times, but for the most part we have better riding on the bush roads. Single track isn't very common around here, because as mentioned above, quads usually f@*~ them up with their mud tires. Besides, you and Lynne would wear me right out, I'm not a young punk like you ....
  6. Denis007

    On line trail map?

    Why can the ATV clubs have access all year, and not the OFSC ?? I disagree, it was a stupid move. Absolutely ludicrous ...
  7. We're taking old Merc and OMC engines off boats and installing Honda on them. We don't sell OMC BRP outboards anymore. We sell 90% of our engines 40hp or less, Evinrude said we had to take 250 HP of engines in any configuration we wanted. Most engines we sell are 20hp or less, their smallest E-tec is 25, weighs more than the Honda and is less reliable. Their 15 horse is a Tohatsu with OMC decals on it, basically an anchor. So we booted them out and sell Honda only. The downside is, Honda throttle controls are B/O in any configuration we try to order, we have a 115 in a crate sold but can't install it 'cause the control handle is backorder until end of August ... bloody maddening ... the 60 I installed on a pontoon boat last month has to come back for a new dash mount control when it comes in, we installed a used side mount control temporarily to get it on the water. Both these cases could have been less maddening had our bossman done his job right and actually get the controls ordered with the engines in the first place, when he took the orders ....
  8. Denis007

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    I know that one .... 14, 15 and 16 ..... or Algoma, and Canyon and Northern Corridor... if you prefer
  9. Denis007

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    Had a buddy with an old Ford ... had a toggle switch on the dash for the back-up lights.... you know the rest....
  10. Denis007

    I quit

    Glad to hear (from everyone) ... although your avatar is hilarious, albeit a bit disconcerting ... Never smoked, but mom always smoked us out of the car when on trips, she'd light one up and leave it halfway out the open window (dad was too cheap to buy a car with A/C), constantly blowing back into our faces ... we'd get to Caraquet smelling like a bunch of smoked hams ....
  11. Denis007

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    Can't be as bad as a 1 day old XMR 1000 quad rolling down the highway in your face.... yup, it happened this past Saturday.... 1 strap and a parking brake, bike in Neutral..... apparently that's not enough.... Literally 1 day old, 30km on it .... probably 3 to 4 grand in damage. I guess you trade your brains for a bike ... last week an identical bike 89km buddy submerged it over the bars..... stupid is as stupid does ma'am.....
  12. Denis007

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    That one appears to be screwed on. Anything to save a couple of percent on fuel is a huge savings for a fleet. There's also a big plastic shroud I've seen forwards of the trailer axles diverting air away from the axles. Maybe for the same reason. They do seem to keep snow buildup off the running gear though, for an added weight savings during winter....
  13. This is NOT an OFSC problem. This is a cellular service problem. One has Nothing to do with the other. There are enough options for internet without needing cellular usage. Cable, satellite, phone line.
  14. Denis007

    Summer Projects

    .... and this will all be done for the long weekend, right ?
  15. Denis007

    Summer Projects

    Call a contractor and give them a blank cheque. I'm with Blake, Sledjunk and Cat Couch on this one.