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  1. I put the Qualipieces ones on my 800 XS short track sled late last season before the first ride in late March. Absolutely mandatory. Ice and hard pack everywhere. I mounted them pretty far back and they do a fine job even on glare ice. Just gotta remember them at rail crossings or your riding partners will score an instant freebie....
  2. Who's riding the Orange thing ? You know that's not a motorcycle, it's a Snowmobile with a Birth Defect ....
  3. All Skandics are 20 or 24 inches wide. Turning will be nearly identical from one to the other. Probably be better climbing hills with the wider track . Only thing you got right was the flotation issue.
  4. Ditto. You're right to be unsure, as lots of products can make a bad chemical reaction, but WD40 is probably the most versatile and safest one of them all. We also use Goo-Gone on decal residue, works well and no damage to plastics. It's a bit thicker than WD40 so it hangs around and doesn't run down the panel as quickly.
  5. I had forgotten about the annual closure. King's Cafe and John's Restaurant downtown do similar closures as well. lol @ the dutchman's evening adventures... gonna stay up late one night with you guys for the entertainment .... !!!
  6. .... reads this while eating his morning bowl of cereal in front of the computer at home .... lol !!! I'll check around and see what's up. Prolly renovations of some kind.
  7. We're working on a 4 day weekend long weekend of August ... stay tuned, other options 2 weeks before or after....
  8. Can you not just broadcast direct to the tv from your phone using the phone as the internet source?
  9. Lol I just got it .... !!!!!!
  10. 2nd time actually.... see last post above yours .... It's fun sharing something that some of you have been so close to but never had occasion to visit. Probably best seen during the no snow season to best enjoy the heritage village.
  11. Property value might be the biggest factor, although I know nothing of the location or buildings on the site. Be my best guess. And that's a pretty arrogant and ignorant stance to have, on the part of the cottagers assoc. You'd think they would have a better way of thinking ....
  12. No problem .... we'll sample it in sledding season
  13. Plan 3-4 hours, if you're interested in the old village. I could have lurked around there all day inspecting everything .... Sled museum is nice, but quick to go through. Lots of sweatshirts, t-shirts and trinkets in the gift shop too.
  14. Pics of our visit to the Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Site and Snowmobile Museum in Cochrane. Everybody has to visit this at least once in their lifetime.... Couple of the Girards Esso race team sleds ... A Super Sonic L/C 440 ... Kids sleds existed back in the 70's ... A Muckaluk ... The Massey Ferguson Ski Whiz. Same as our across-the-street neighbour in Manitouwadge had ... fond memories of trying to pull-start it when it stalled ... '70 Alpine 399, same as mine but much cleaner and much more original ... '82 Elite ... 3 or 4 T'nt's .... 250 R/V Silver Bullet ... Black Dot ... 72 340 ... Long line of 'Doo's .... Real old school Spitfire ... Skiroule ... Love the Coleman decal on it ... The original Timbersled ... Lots more pics of the sleds, gotta keep some secret ... Part of the Heritage village ... the Homestead ... Typical kitchen cook stove, most had a water heater and warmer on the top section, this one doesn't ... Also typical of the day, many kids per room .... Trapper's cabin, prolly a welcome sight after a long day on the trapline ... Prolly never that clean when he's using it .. 10 Horse Johnson .... In the Blacksmith's shop .... love the old calipers ... Sharpening stone, hand crank ... Drill press .... Forge, c/w air induction to raise the temps ... there were some buckets of coal nearby that would be used for forging... Some of the "vehicles" used back in the day ... Mom's first job as a young adult was to work the switchboards for Bell Telephone in Montreal. This would be a miniature version of a similar board. Very rarely seen today. Some of you might remember the old wood cook stove I have in my garage, it was in fact made by THIS company ... A couple for you Revrnd, I thought you'd be interested in these ... Lots more to see, the rail station is really neat, lots of CN related stuff ... Definitely worthy of a visit ... Portion of the map showing the rail stations and lines in Northern Ontario. Outside the train station... We're definitely going to go back this summer, and bring the in-law's, and spend more time. We saw all 3 polar bears, took plenty of pics of them too. Bigger than our black bears ... lots longer body, and taller ... HUGE paws ... BTW Sledjunk, Terry's was closed for renovations, ended up having lunch at Harvey's / Swiss Chalet (fail, chicken overcooked) ... no-one but me wanted to go to JR's, so I got outvoted .... (I called SJ for lunch advise, knowing his Cochrane experience and love for a good soup ... lol !! )
  15. Numerous versions of that story... depending on who you ask.... isn't that right IQ.... and apeXMAN... and ... oh never mind..... They wouldn't be doing it twice on my sh!t, lemme tell you .....