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  1. Denis007

    Kap Snow Rovers Facebook Page..

    The arena dumps out a bit every time they clean the rink ... need a couple of tournaments to get a truckload Pics are awesome...
  2. Denis007

    Ofsc site not showing any of trails for me

    .... especially the part where you forget that you have to turn to get off the trail at either end ... lol !! That never happens to me, 'cause I always obey the speed limit ....
  3. Denis007

    Ohhh Boy.. And so it begins...

    So that little vertical section of the A trail is actually not open between the L127 and the A ? One less loop I can do ... The Nursery loop is awesome anyways ....
  4. Denis007

    Ohhh Boy.. And so it begins...

    Almost enough to make the long drive to Moonbeam....
  5. Denis007

    Ohhh Boy.. And so it begins...

    LMAO !!!!!
  6. Denis007

    eye in the sky

    My 1970 Alpine does that with ease....
  7. Denis007

    Some OC Celebrities?

    River crossings....
  8. Denis007

    Some OC Celebrities?

    I think he needs a Snickers ....
  9. Denis007

    Some OC Celebrities?

    Your sled blew up before timmins ... had nothing to do with you ...
  10. Denis007

    Some OC Celebrities?

    Beat you to it...
  11. Denis007

    Some OC Celebrities?

    Front to back ... Me.. IrrReverent ... his wife.... Alex29 my son ... Mike on the 600 Ace Renegade... Sledjunk... Doris26 my wifie.
  12. If you add a 2x8 for the track and hook it halfway up the ramp, with a bit of traction aid screwed to the board, it'll go right in. A single width ATV ramp made from extruded steel works incredibly well. I do this on occasion, you can crawl it right up there.
  13. Denis007

    Lot's of the White stuff in Parry Sound

    And here I thought all the white stuff was in PTBO ....
  14. Denis007

    Early rides 2018 - 2019

    ... and most other places too I imagine....