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  1. scottyr

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Action Trailers is a "one and done" type of place. I have bought a couple of trailers and tolerated the sales process because they had what I wanted and were priced fairly. Service/parts on the other hand IS A JOKE. Just hope you never need to take it back or need to order parts from them. I had parts ordered for my Neo trailer for over a year. They finally called to say that they had them so I drove 1.5 hours each way to go pick them up and the guy cant find them!!! About an hour away on my way home, the guy calls and said I found your part but we close in 15 mins and I wont leave them behind the shop or anything for you. What a sh-t show.
  2. Looks like the 2nd week of Feb is statistically the safest time to plan a trip in Ontario.
  3. scottyr

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    I just went with the base 1.25 Slipsaw. I am going to put real studs in this year. Depending on how business is this summer I am tempted to pull the single ply track out and put in a 1.35 Cobra 2 ply and stud it.
  4. scottyr

    Cochrane Update..

    They have a liquor licence at Smoothys again? The last time I was there they didnt have one.
  5. scottyr

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    2020 Skidoo Renegade 137" 850 XRS
  6. scottyr

    New liskeard up through hearst

    If you are driving that far, I would just go to Cochrane now.
  7. scottyr

    Another PQ 'Urban Legend'?

    I was stopped by the QPP on Sunday outside of Mont Laurier. The cops were decents guys and never mentioned the custom numbers at all. They were more confused why I had a full season quebec permit on my sled when I was from Ontario.
  8. scottyr

    7 day trip to st-donat Quebec part 2

    I was at Meekoos on Sat afternoon as well.
  9. scottyr

    First/last trip of the season

    Are you guys still going? My buddy bailed on me today. My wife wants to see my kids at Nippissing U this weekend. I am thinking I might drop her off Friday am in North Bay and just drive up to Cochrane by myself. I can ride Friday aft, all day Sat and Sun and start heading home Sunday night.
  10. scottyr

    Time to wake up guys....

    I was coming home from the Sportsmans Lodge on Sunday and while driving down the gravel road a guy on a sled flew across the road RIGHT in front of me and stopped on trail. I slowed down and rolled down my window to give him the WTF look. He flipped me the finger instead.
  11. scottyr

    First/last trip of the season

    Well thats starting to look better. I guess I should call the Westway and book a room for Friday and Saturday nights.
  12. scottyr

    First/last trip of the season

    Same here. I will make a decision next Wed but it doesnt look promising. I am not going to drive 10 hrs to ride in the rain. If it looks like it will cool down the following week I will wait until the 30th weekend. I hate to say it but the fat lady is definitely warming up......
  13. scottyr

    First/last trip of the season

    Thanks for the heads up. We dont really need to go to Hearst. I just like the trails west of Kap.
  14. scottyr

    First/last trip of the season

    There is a good chance I will see you there. My plan was to be in Cochrane mid afternoon on Friday, go for a quick spin to Timmins or somewhere for dinner. Head to Hearst on Sat am, stay the night in Hearst, head back to Cochrane on Sunday and be on the road early Monday am. Or possibly head to Amos, QC. Its the same drive to either place for me.
  15. scottyr

    First/last trip of the season

    I have a pass from the warden for the weekend of the 23rd and I am starting to get nervous about how far you will have to drive. Even Cochrane is consistently hovering at or above zero for the next 2 weeks. There will be lots of snow in the bush but the roads and parking lots will be ugly very quick.