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  1. couchrocket500

    Fred Quimby RIP

    Wow,just checked in after a prolonged absence and this is the first I’ve learned of Fred’s passing. So sorry to hear. Always enjoyed his posts, also his frequent changing choice of avatars (lol…they were interesting). RIP Fred, condolences to family and friends…..
  2. couchrocket500

    heading to North Bay

    Very enjoyable report and pics WD. Awesome way to end the season.
  3. couchrocket500

    Mar 2-3 D5 and 9 Ride.. Trip report and some pics..

    Great report and pics IQ. Looks like an awesome run. Thanks.
  4. couchrocket500

    Police on the Trails in D5

    Good for you 02. You have a great attitude. Too bad more didn't have the same. Being polite and respectful while still getting ones point across or doing one's job doesn't cost anything but accomplishes so much more.
  5. couchrocket500

    Gowganda Lake Camp

    Thanks for the info everyone…. Sorry about your pain Giddy-Up……whiplash can be a long healing process. Physiotherapy (sp?) helped cure me after a car accident years ago. Agree vino helps Best wishes for a good recovery and for you getting back on the trails ASAP.
  6. couchrocket500

    perth and west mar 2 trail pics

    Great report and pics slomo.....sounds and looks like a nice area to ride......thanks!
  7. couchrocket500

    Gowganda Lake Camp

    Giddy-up, I think that last picture is just plain awesome….sure gives me the itch to go sledding. Quite the fall you had,….glad you’re OK Thanks for the pics and report and I’ll definitely think that area next season.
  8. couchrocket500

    RAP Tour 2013

    Great report and sounds like a good time. Thanks...
  9. couchrocket500

    RAP Tour 2013

    Great report and pics Canuck and Sledjunk! Really enjoyed them. I’ve been nursing a broken arm since Dec. so no sledding for me but stuff like this keeps me going. Thank you……..Safe sledding everyone….always next year for me.
  10. couchrocket500

    Where is this?

    Think I’ll pass Faceman. I have no pics available anyway. Absolutely love sledding in that area though.
  11. couchrocket500

    Where is this?

    Is that pic from the old Kemple clubhouse by Hepworth?
  12. couchrocket500

    Storm watch!

    Felt the same way. People driving with 4way flashers on are just one more annoying and distracting factor adding to already stressful driving conditions during winter storms. Been one of my pet peeves for years now. Used to mean emergency stop at the side of the road but these days 4way flashers on could mean anything. All anyone has to do is clean the snow from your headlights and tailights to be seen.
  13. couchrocket500

    Best Wishes for a speedy recovery Bill Cudney

    Yeah broken ribs are very painful. Femurs can take a long time to heal but lots they can do these days with plates and such to speed up recovery. Best wishes Bill, we're all rooting for you.
  14. couchrocket500

    Today is Gound Hog say...

    Heard Wiarton Willie is blind as a bat and they’re keeping it a secret. Damm rodents….
  15. couchrocket500

    Kearney update

    Think it’s a downstream ice jam or a lot of rain that caused the river to overflow? Whatever it is that sucks.