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  1. Yup... I watched a painter prep a plastic motorcycle side fairing for paint. After all the prep work and sanding. He wiped the whole thing with a rag with just a little bit of gas on it. He said nothing removes goo and finger prints better. And it evaporates very quickly.
  2. What's the average life of a groomer anyways? Seems to always be an issue. Did OFSC have a laps in judgement and drop the ball at some point and that's why there always seem to be an issue with groomers.
  3. Better bang for your buck that's for sure... And as much as some might joke about it, it's the place to be.. Talk radio guy I listen to our of Florida does Facebook live stuff from time to time. His Facebook page has 120,000ish followers. He'll read the stats sometimes FB send a him and that live stream was viewable by up to 3 million people sometimes. Because of the people who liked or shared it. Thier friends have to chance to see and then like it and so on.. I've watched a few videos on YouTube from some guy in Toronto who sold everything bought a sail boat and headed south. He has 60,000 YouTube followers, puts something up new every few days of his adventures sail in the islands. Most of his videos have 2+million views. He has sponsors for his dive equpiment. Local sail company put $8000 worth of new sails for free, just because of the views his videos get. And YouTube pays him as well, and that's how he makes a living.
  4. I'll try that as well... Bunch of us are having this same issue, the marina manager knows I'm a bit of a techy. So he dumped it on my lap to see if i could come up with a quick fix. The city faculty manager who overs sees all the outdoor city spaces is a friend of mine and a former IT manager. So I'm sure if I blow in a call he'll get on the city IT crew to come up with a fix for us.
  5. Buddy of mine has a sticker on his bike that's says 'If loud pipes save lives, imagine what learning to ride that thing could do'
  6. Some cheap Best Buy in house brand.. Guy with the boat next to me a has a Sony and he is having the same problem. Yup I can, doing that now using my chrome cast... but the TV has it all built in and it's simpler to use for my wife.
  7. I'd like to think I'm smarter then the average bear when it comes to computers and networks, but this one has me stuck... The marina our boat is at has free WiFi for the seasonal boats. The system was installed and provided by Ruckus Wireless. When you connect with a computer or mobile device, you get a popup screen from Ruckus which is nothing but an advertisement for them. And after 5 seconds you get redirected to your website of choice. Well the problem is, few of us have smart TVs on our boats and want to connect for things like Netflix and so on. However the Tv's don't have that web browser interface to see the ad from Ruckus before being allowed access to the intermet. So the TV connects to the Wi-Fi but has no internet connect. Making my smart TV rather dumb... I've got a Chrome Cast that works fine, but only one plug at the TV so I have to run the cord across the boat to plug it in (first world problems I know). I've talked to marina staff, but it's all controlled by the City IT department so getting help from them will take time. Just wondering if anyone else has delt eith the same issues and is there a work around.
  8. Riders Plus Motorcyle Insurance had a big Butter Tart tour link on thier Faceplant page few weeks back. So is crossing over on to other powersports. As for thier radio survey, radio is a dying breed. With so many other options out there now, with internet radio, and services like SiruisXM, Apple Music and Google Music. Radio listernership is fslking every day. People want what they want, they don't want to hear goofy radio ads from some stupid car dealer, or the live remotes from Leon's and The Brick. The radio in my boat doesn't have a way for me to plug my phone in to it (yet). So I've been forced to listen to local stations well at the dock. 80% of the ads are for personal injury lawyers, payday loan companies and pawn shops. If that's radio's target audience, they aren't sleders.
  9. Great pictures... I had a 72 TNT 340 as my first sled... wasn't nearly as nice as that one mind you...
  10. It's a big thing at Ski Resorts as well. Mount Tremblat charged 1.5% and flat out calls it a resort tax. Quebec laws doesn't require them to refund it back to you if you ask about it. And if you complain they'll show you the law and basically tell you to go somewhere else if you don't like it.
  11. TD double our car rates when we moved to Toronto, just because everyone up here must suck as a driver. The bike saw a small increase. However I'm not sure how long they will cover it anymore. They tell me my VFR800 is a super sport, and they won't touch anything over 750cc in that class. I told them they are on drugs because the VFR is far from a super sport and the industry classes of as sport touring. They covered it again this year, I think mostly because they wouldn't cover the boat. And I told the guy keep giving me reasons to take everything somewhere else. My boat insurer is wanting to quote house amd cars for me. So im good for another year. But who knows what next spring will bring.
  12. The app is real time. It knows how many are waiting based on how many people waiting have the app open... You have to remember, most EV owners are much more tech savvy then the average person. I know it's not there yet for the masses, but take a step back and look where it was only 5 years ago, to where they are now. EV sales where 0.25% of total new car sales in 2015. This year they are on track to be 4% of total sales. Still a small number, but rapidly growing.
  13. 8-20 hours that total depends on the charger you have at home. But remember, most are killing the battery everyday. Average person only drives 40kms aday. Doesn't take long to chrage that usage. There are 4 types of chrage out there. It's not about voltage, it's all the kilowatts they push. Tesla supercharger push 135kw/h in a DC current. Everything else being installed is an AC charger around 50kw/h. So ya your not getting a full tank in 25mins. And your still wrong on running out of a charge thing. Does master how many chargers or gas stations. You plan your trip same as you do in your car. So you drive around until the low fuel light comes on in your car then look for a has station? No you start looking before you need fuel. As for waiting for a charger. All the chargers across Canada are all part of the same network. There is an outstanding app out there that shows you all the chragers, which ones are busy. And how long someone has been plugged in and how many cars are waiting. So its really easy to avoid a wait. And if there is a wait, kind of means the the whole idea of EVs is working and time to add more chragers.
  14. You guys are funny... way to may foolish comments to quote them all. First, your right charge time isn't as fast as filling your tank. But you plug it in every night. Ya if your traveling that can be a problem. But again, the truck is a prototype, and let's look at Tesla. 4 years ago they had a 65kw battery with about 230km range. Now in the same package is a 100kw battery with 500km+ range. Tesla does have their supercharger that will give you 350kms in about 25mins. 25mins to stop on a road trip is nothing. Walk in to an On route on the 401 and you'll be 20 mins waiting to get a coffee. Tesla is working in a new battery that will be around 125kw so about 600km that is basically a capacitor that can be charged in about 5 min. As for running out of chrage and being sruck. How often do you run out if gas in your car? In almost 30 years of driving I've never run out if gas before. Why is that? Because I know how to read that gauge on the dash and plan for it. Actually CAA/AAA gave Tesla the high possible rating for any vehicle currently on the market. There is some rumbling from AAA about trying to jack rates. However well everyone else gives EV discounts, AAA is looking stupid. As for hyrdo cost, power per km cost to chrage your EV is about 30% of what it is for a gas one. Ya hyrdo rates are always going up. But so is gas, hyrdo isn't going to triple in price before gas does. You guys have get to look at the big picture.. Gas powered cars have been around over a hundred years. So ya lots if knowledge and infrastructure to support it. EVs are just now starting to really hit the market. Give them time, they will take over. Here is an easier way to think about it... how many if you said the 4 stroke will never takeoff and take over from the 2 strokes.. Basically 4 strokes are all we have. EVs are the same as 4 stroke selds...
  15. It's like coming out and finding some one sitting on our motorcycle taking selfies... and she wasn't cute either...