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  1. dweese

    Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    Just a light dusting here..
  2. dweese

    Why is it a 190 bucks already

    For sure.. I averaged 1000km a year when I had my GSX. That's less then 20 cents a klick. Oil cost per km was more then that.
  3. dweese

    Why is it a 190 bucks already

    Ya but you can negotiate that away, not so much luck with OFSC.
  4. dweese

    Change of the Tide?

    I work with a few younger guys that sled. Biggest issue they have with their club is the old boys club feel it has they say. Try and volunteer to help with trail clearing or groomer maintaince and the older guys make then feel very unwelcome. I've seen this before with a few clubs in D3... Tweed Club was really bad for the old boys atmosphere, maybe why they aren't around anymore.
  5. dweese

    Trail Closures

    Well we are on the subject.. doesn't effect me since I'm seldless and don't love in the area anymore. Since the Tweed club shut down last year. Anyone pick up thier trails?
  6. dweese

    OFSC Swings and Misses

    Maybe the point we have all been missing here, and I know I'm might out on a limb. Is it possible the Zoomer partnership has nothing to do with getting new sledders in to the sport. We haven't actually seen anything yet since it was announced after the lastest issue came out. Maybe OFSC is trying to comminuicate with the land owners. And trying to draw more in to expand and maintains the trail system. We all agree Zoomer Magazine isn't for the sledding type. But does it touch on the typical land owner better. There are benefits to the land owners. Wood lot access trails are kept clear by the club volunteers, saves the land owner from having to worry about. Clubs help with fence line work and other things as well. We might have been looking at this from the wrong angle the whole time.... Or the cheap drugs are effecting more then I realize
  7. dweese


    Saw the first winterforcast today well cruising Facebook... They say better then average snow for Ontario and Quebec this year. https://www.northernontario.travel/snowmobiling/winter-weather-forecast-2017-2018 Alot of it is just an ad for Nothern Ontario travel. So maybe they are just trying to bait the early bookers now sure... Either way only 11 weeks until Christmas.
  8. dweese

    OFSC Swings and Misses

    I don't think pot smokers read hightimes.. Any pot smoke I've seen just wants to sit around and eat junk food. Reading is way too much work for them.
  9. dweese

    Vintage sled permit price?

    Sounds to me like they owe you a $140 permit.... official as advertised price... until they can print a correction.. I'd get an email out to them now, before they change it and tell you sorry about your luck There is no * saying they aren't responsible for misprints...
  10. dweese

    OFSC Swings and Misses

    I was in Shopers tonight with the wife. She was looking for a new book and I was standing there waiting and saw this month's copy of Zoomer on the shelf. Quick look at it, shows what we all have been saying. Front cover had 4 people all on thier 70s showcasing winter fashion. Flipped through it, there was some easy on the dentures recipes. There was a top 10 must read books this wintre, warm weather travel and health stories about the early signs of Alzheimers and osteoporosis. Yup, thier readers are clearly the new blood the system needs right now.
  11. dweese

    Congratulations The Groomer Guy!

    Keep up with the videos and we'll share them... Maybe we can make you a YouTube star and you can give up on work and just make snowmobiling related videos for a living.
  12. dweese

    Another OFSC corporate position!!!

    Always the question to be asked... Normally that answer can be shown based on a company's sales or stock value. OFSC doesn't have stocks, and I'm not too sure how much of what happens in Barrie effects permit sales.
  13. dweese

    Another OFSC corporate position!!!

    At 80,000 permits a year, which seems to be a number that's floated around here. The OFSC is about a 12-14million a year operation. Having a few people in the 120k salary range isn't that unrealistic compared to other businesses at that sales level. Take a look at your retail giants like a Home Depot. The store we had in Belleville was a 20million a year store. When my wife was looking for a job last year, those places where paying store managers around the 110k mark.
  14. dweese

    Another OFSC corporate position!!!

    Im sure they do.. would be intresting to see what that split between trail and admin is. It's intresting this information isn't more freely available. Yes the OFSC is a private not for profit. However since the goverment owns and controls the permits. There has to be some public reportabilty and openness under the freedom of information act. I'm sure the OFSC has to report back to the GOV how money was spend. Wonder if that is requestable some how.
  15. dweese

    Another OFSC corporate position!!!

    Hey, Hyrdo One is a money making company might not be a bad idea. Mind you we'd all be charged a delivery fee for the snow.