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  1. Just saw this on the OFSC Facebook page... "Please join us in congratulating Luc Levesque for his National CCSO Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Tourism Initiative. Congratulations The Groomer Guy!" Here is the video, hope the link works. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1739404816079497&id=125178027502192
  2. Royal Distributing No Tax Sale Sept 21-24

    I noticed the tent was up at the Whitby store Monday when we came back from the boat. Royal is the one place I've forgotten to change my address with, so I was hoping I hadn't missed it yet. Thanks for the post..
  3. Anyone Know what this is about?

    They are... other problem is they have done little to keep those of us in our mid 40s in the sport as well. When I started my current job 12 years ago. 10 guys in our group had sleds. That number is now only 2 and neither one of them ride in Ontario. Years of bad riding, and continual poor managment of the system have driven them off. One guy was a 4 permit buyer for his wife and 2 sons. After dropping nearly a $1000 in permits each year. He gave up and took his kids snowboarding where you can buy family passes. Sold his sleds and bought a side by side which he can ride longer for less.
  4. I did it.. can't believe it !

    Here is hoping you didn't just screw up the winter weather. The way I did to summer by buying a boat Yes the sucky summer weather is my fault..
  5. Anyone Know what this is about?

    Have to be politically correct.. that's now Old Stock Canadians. :p
  6. Hey Trail Map

    Even more so when they sell you a day pass but force you to buy a minimum of 2 days. Not everyone wants 2 days. I'm sure thier are riders in our boarder areas. That want to occasionally do a day ride, forcing them in to a 2 day pass. I'm sure either drives away a possible future full permit buyer or creates another freeloader. Ski Hills and Golf courses don't force non-season pass holders to buy a minimum 2 day permint. When you have such limited enforcement as the OFSC does. You need to super serve your permit buyer, to ensure they buy, not be greedy and rape them for extra monies. Things like this proves more and more, the people behind the system don't understand how the sport really works.
  7. Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    Great idea, we have this same thing for my motorcycle owners forum. I don't think there is much sence sending my info. Im sure not many of you seld around the Kennedy and 401 area in Scarbought. And all my tools are still in storage in Bellevile... About all I've got in the condo, of any use is beer. And I'll be damned if I'm going to be an emergency stop for that
  8. Cooler nights

    On the boat for the next 2 nights. 15° should nice sleeping weather.
  9. which has more traction ?

    With all the other rules and regulations surrounding this sport. I'm surprised there isn't a lug size limit. But then again, they can't enforce permit use, so...........
  10. Summer Sucks Party-Saturday August 12th

    I'm sure that was popular with your neighbors
  11. SPOT Tracker Alternatives

    I have an orginal Spot... I've never been 100% happy with it. Use it on the bike, and the track function works only about 40% of the time. Used it on the boat last week. Even a clear shot to the sky the track information only hit about 70% of the time. There was gaps in the data for hours. Never had to push the help button, but I would hope when you do, it sends a higher powered signal out.
  12. Groomer Procurement

    Ya but they'll end up with this...
  13. Permit Residue Removal

    Yup... I watched a painter prep a plastic motorcycle side fairing for paint. After all the prep work and sanding. He wiped the whole thing with a rag with just a little bit of gas on it. He said nothing removes goo and finger prints better. And it evaporates very quickly.
  14. Groomer Procurement

    What's the average life of a groomer anyways? Seems to always be an issue. Did OFSC have a laps in judgement and drop the ball at some point and that's why there always seem to be an issue with groomers.
  15. ofsc radio listening survey

    Better bang for your buck that's for sure... And as much as some might joke about it, it's the place to be.. Talk radio guy I listen to our of Florida does Facebook live stuff from time to time. His Facebook page has 120,000ish followers. He'll read the stats sometimes FB send a him and that live stream was viewable by up to 3 million people sometimes. Because of the people who liked or shared it. Thier friends have to chance to see and then like it and so on.. I've watched a few videos on YouTube from some guy in Toronto who sold everything bought a sail boat and headed south. He has 60,000 YouTube followers, puts something up new every few days of his adventures sail in the islands. Most of his videos have 2+million views. He has sponsors for his dive equpiment. Local sail company put $8000 worth of new sails for free, just because of the views his videos get. And YouTube pays him as well, and that's how he makes a living.

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