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  1. MXZ Mike

    South Seguin Trail Damage

    It almost seems that the trails turned to red before the weather had even hit...a precaution I hope to help preserve the trails. Hoping to be able to stop and sled in the PS area on weekend while on the way home from a business trip...waiting to hear like everyone else as to just how much rain vs snow fell. Sitting on pins and needles for WB's next post!
  2. MXZ Mike

    South Seguin Trail Damage

    Been following weather in Parry Sound on mobile phone most of the day.....although it called for rain the 'current' weather always showed as overcast vs rain....so here's to hoping we have had more winter and less spring in the last 24hrs!
  3. MXZ Mike

    The Seguin

    This was yesterday...Mon Jan 28....a great base! Hopefully we get just high humidity and no rain in the next 24hrs...but that may be just wishful thinking. It would be a shame to lose all this great white stuff!! Ackkkkkkkk.
  4. MXZ Mike

    Haliburton forest poker run

    Hi Guppy, would be most curious to know what you think of the trail conditions after your ride. Was up between Christmas and New Years....the cottage roads seemed like mid winter conditions and were great riding. Some of the bush trails were ok but in many sections they were thin and needed one more good snowfall. All in all, better than expected conditions for that time of year. As we were leaving a warm spell was rolling in so that couldn't be good...mind you, groomers appeared to be out packing every day. What is odd about the Forest is that they don't tell you what is open and what is closed...what is passable and what is not. One of my buddies had one staff member X-out some of the closed/impassable trails on a map he picked up at the main office. In talking with other folk on the trail..there were many who were quite new like us and appreciated us telling them about the impassable trails as they were told nothing. It is one thing to say the lakes aren't staked which is fine...but some trails appear to run on the edge of lakes/swamps/ponds...which aren't easily as recognized as potential water crossings and a little disconcerting upon reflection. Next time we go...we will definitely ask for a detailed update before heading out...regardless of time of year.
  5. MXZ Mike

    C trail north of Britt

    I imagine many of us support the trail friendly gas stations in the off season too...I doubt I am the only one. Over the years I think back to all the gas/food/accommodation places I have visited in the off season that I would never knew had existed prior to sledding. The last B&B I stayed was very surprised...and they are ideally set up for sledders (trailer parking, located right on the trail).
  6. MXZ Mike

    C102 Rosseau to Seguin?

    Oh yeah...it's all coming back to me now
  7. Hi Mike...stayed at the B&B in Rosseau...gal running the place went to same high school as I did. After breakfast Cindy and I would waddle back up stairs for a nap...sled for a bit...make it back for cocktails at 4pm...and after that my memory gets a little vague lol

  8. Hey Mikey:

    Hope you had a great weekend. We rode the C102 on Saturday...It was in great shape. Met up with another Oc member at Crossroads....Scrummage...from N.F's

  9. MXZ Mike

    C102 Rosseau to Seguin?

    We did pretty much the same loop on Saturday as well...probably passed you on the trail somewhere. The 340/350 trails were in really good shape! The C102 is always a favourite...and the fact that you end up right at Crossroads certainly doesn't hurt The only thing I found odd, travelling south on the 340...is that there seems to be an abandoned piece of trail? That is, you see two OFSC signs but the trail does not looked groomed whatsoever...we were road running at the time and looking for our way back on...we continued to follow some faint tracks along the side of the road until we picked up the main trail again (whew). It's just odd with all the liability worries we read on the forum that if a section of trail was closed/unmaintained the signs would be down? But then again, I may have it wrong...perhaps the trail is active and just couldn't be groomed (washout etc). Certainly not a complaint...more of an observation...trails were in great shape!! Had a great day!!
  10. MXZ Mike

    C102 Rosseau to Seguin?

    FYI...contacted Admin@pssd.ca as per WildBill's recommendation.... Received a prompt response. They are hoping to get started tomorrow afternoon which is great! Not sure how much work is ahead of the club but for those who enjoy that trail it is definitely encouraging news
  11. MXZ Mike

    C102 Rosseau to Seguin?

    Is it an appropriate question to ask what kind of lawsuits the OFSC/Clubs receive? I can't quite understand it myself either with the acceptance of the inherent risks with respect to ever changing weather/conditions/landscape...they are trails not highways. That is, I know I can go down a trail one way...and in the time it takes me to return a deadfall could have landed on the trail just on the far side of a sharp corner...OFSC/Clubs can't be liable for that can they? I could see there being an issue if they said a Lake Trail was open and there was only 1" of ice. But to actually be liable wouldn't it have to be an extreme case? Is it time to write our MPP's?
  12. MXZ Mike

    C102 Rosseau to Seguin?

    Thx Bill...will check on the conditions update tomorrow. Still hard to get used to the new rules...I enjoyed being able to get an informal heads-up on what might be happening just like so many other folk...thanks for posting!!
  13. Anyone have a feel for how the C102 is coming along this season? A tough trail to get open I'm sure; but a beauty to ride when it is groomed and ready!!
  14. MXZ Mike

    Lithium-ion Batteries

    You may want to check with Duwalt....usually the lithium-ion perform much better in the cold. I have used the Energizer e-photo AA Lithium-ion cells in camera, flashlights, and GPS units for winter sledding and fall/spring camping (even my Lithium-ion VHF does very well)...they work much better in the cold than any other technology thus far? I recommend the AA for all devices that take them (in cold weather)...but admit I am surprised it doesn't work well in your Duwalt? Perhaps it isn't a true Lithium-ion technology?