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  1. New ITG

    I'm using a work computer that runs on Internet Explorer. There is no place shown to type anything in that I can find.
  2. New ITG

    Not impressed with it so far for reasons listed by others. I cant seem to get the clubhouse function to work (JUST FIGURED OUT THAT THE ICON IN THE TOP RIGHT THAT GOS BLUE LIKE A CLUBHOUSE SIGN WHEN YOU CLICK ON IT IS NOT FOR CLUBHOUSE BUT FOR YOUR "HOMEVIEW" WHATEVER THAT IS). Also surprised that Halfway Haven doesn't seem to show . Its a critical stop on the trail south of Wawa no matter which direction you are going. Also noticed that small villages like Moonbeam for example are apparently too small in some ones' mind to warrant listing the name of it on the map even when you drill down. Tiveotdale near Palmerston doesn't show by name but has a trail coming almost into it. This is a very busy sled spot for fuel/food and for parking. I think it warrants being listed on the map. I understand this might be the first attempt at an "improved ITC" but in my personal view there was very little if any input into its formulation by seasoned sledders' who have great knowledge of what should be on the map. Looks like a low bid job to me.
  3. Quebec $$$

    I remember a few years ago when the Federal Gov't. gave the FCMQ a multi million dollar grand specifically to purchase groomers. I think it was 5 or 6 million but with my memory, I could easily be mistaken.
  4. Tell Me About New Brunswick

    Hi Steve. We have ridden in northern NB 3 times over the years. There are some pretty nice trails in the northern section. The eastern 1/2 seemed to be more bush with more open running on the western side. Some nice rail beds, logging roads and windy bush trails. Edmunston would be the natural place to start IMHO as it would be the shortest drive. If your group are high milers then I'm not sure the northern part would have enough trail for a 5 day loop. Not unlike Ontario, there can be quite a weather/snow difference between the northern area and the south depending on the year. We stayed at the Quality Hotel in Campbellton as it was right beside the trail. In Bathurst we stayed at the Atlantic Host which seemed to be a very popular spot for sledders. I think Slomo can provide you with a lot more details about New Brunswick sledding.

    7,561 Km. (90% in Northern Ontario or Quebec), New Runners, 1 trip on Dueler Carbides and belt, Spare belt, Electronic Power Steering, Hand & Thumb Warmers, Ski Wheelz. See Link below or PM Piston Lake Cruiser https://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile/kitchener-waterloo/2012-yamaha-vector-ltx/1304524091?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  6. Trail Patrol 2018

    So they are willing to help tourism when it comes to fly-in camps but not when it comes to snowmobiling. Just ____ing wonderful!
  7. Trail Patrol 2018

    Everyone on here should read the attachment provided. Not only do I find remarks made by the unnamed OFSC spokesman hard to believe but I'm very surprised that the OFSC would endorse such statements. It is ridiculous that MNR will not sign land use permits for OFSC clubs.
  8. Trail Patrol 2018

    If this is the case, the OFSC should be making a point of letting Trail Patrollers know this information. Trail Patrollers only seem to get correct info at refresher courses which aren't a yearly thing.
  9. BRP Warranty

    Chicken fumes?
  10. BRP Warranty

    Bombardier Aero should have time to design some new hooks for you. I've got an old Yamahaha flap you can have. They just rivet to the tunnel.
  11. BRP Warranty

    Skilies maybe.
  12. BRP Warranty

    Based on how tightly screwed down vehicle manufacturers warranty has become the last few years, I would say their answer was reasonable but that's just my humble opinion. Obviously you formed an opinion of what likely happened to cause the issue. Replacing the hooks is easier than dealing with a bent tunnel or tunnel extension I guess.
  13. BRP Warranty

    Worst they can do is say no.

    The light beer you had was likely called Shindig. I had one of them last Thursday night and really enjoyed it. They had 13 beers on tap and I believe she said they would have 31 on tap at some point. They have one beer from various other craft breweries on tap all the time.

    40035 Blyth Road (Corner of Hwy 4 and County Rd. 25). Across the corner from the new Tim Hortons/gas bar. Craft Brewery and restaurant in an amazing building. Restaurant open Sunday to Thursday 11-8, Friday & Saturday 11-11. Really good food from soup to pizza, burgers and ribs. homemade and locally sourced where possible. It's worth the trip just to see the building and brewing/bottling process which is open to viewing. They opened in early August and had 25,000 visitors the first month. They advertise snowmobiles welcome on their website ( cowbellbrewing.com ) . Relatively easy to get to from the trails. It across the corner from where the Shell gas/Grandview restaurant used to be.