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  1. Do you give away your chickens?
  2. My answer was "the one in the car". LOL
  3. Canuck is right Kevin. Forget about it till late this fall and see how you feel then. Have a great summer!
  4. Wonder if the Waubic got flooded again?
  5. An OC trip on a budget perhaps?
  6. X3 Condolences to Brandon's family.
  7. Actually SJ, in the "Break in" section of Yamaha's Owner's Manual for my 2012 Vector it states as follows "After 800 km. (500 miles) of operation, the engine oil must be changed and the oil filter cartridge replaced"
  8. Welcome to OC Tanner. Lots of great people, good fun and great information here. Some professional sled people like Wildbill and Denis 007 to help you keep that 380 rolling.
  9. Happy Easter everyone!
  10. Is it Trois-Pistoles you stay at? Love the little green Hotel Trois Pistoles at the west end of town. Great food.
  11. The foam insert in the Polaris Indy tool holder was a reasonable to use (one time only).
  12. Thank you for taking the time to do this and for sharing it with us. It is neat to see the year to year differences and from that it looks to me like I'll plan our Ontario trips to start mid February from an available trails standpoint
  13. Have done about 13 multi day saddlebag trips in various areas of Quebec over last 21 years. Never seen or heard of a truck/trailer or sled theft while on our travels there. We park the truck/trailer in the mast secure spot available at our starting location and put locks on all available hitch & trailer spots. First few trips we even pulled an ignition breaker from the panel under the hood of the truck as an added deterrent. Always cable the sleds together at night (in Ontario as well). Thoroughly enjoy everything about Quebec sledding and will continue to split our trips between Quebec and northern Ontario.
  14. Awesome report Denis! Wish I had been with you. Great way to end the season.
  15. I think by looking at the ITG just now that I will call BS on 5002 km. of trail being available (if being available means that it's yellow or green).