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  1. High speed train tracks.

    Here's an article about the proposed high speed only railline http://www.570news.com/2018/04/19/wilmot-residents-not-pleased-ontarios-high-speed-rail-plans/
  2. High speed train tracks.

    her campaign manager sure didn't help her case when he was on TV today. Of course he is worried that he won't be getting any more big gov't contracts for doing nothing.
  3. High speed train tracks.

    I believe this is a Wynnestorm and when she is gone in June hopefully it will be stopped.
  4. ATV’s on OFSC Trails on Crown Land

    I gobbled that one up Rob. Agreed with the bonuses. She needs to because she belongs in jail.
  5. ATV’s on OFSC Trails on Crown Land

    Really? The trail into Goderich is a 10 km. feeder trail and is the only trail in or out of Goderich. No real reason to be on it unless you live in Goderich or want to go in for food or fuel. If it was "Goderich area" meaning the area including Blyth /Clinton / Wingham and B109 trail then I might believe it.
  6. Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    Correct me if I am incorrect but isn't the 30 or 40 after the W in the type refer to the way the oil acts (weight) in hot weather conditions. Thinking that a 40 rating would act like a thicker or heavier oil. If my thinking is correct, on a snowmobile given the cold weather operation, I wonder why Yamaha would want a 30 type in one engine and a 40 type in another engine.
  7. ATV’s on OFSC Trails on Crown Land

    Actually there is food and fuel in Clinton, Bayfield, Auburn and Blyth. I find it hard to believe that the OPP laid 1000 charges to snowmobiles coming into the Goderich in one day. I would bet there isn't more than 200 sleds that come into Goderich and any single weekend day.
  8. Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    Actually the manual for my Yamaha 1049CC motor oil reads Recommended Type SAE 0W-30 Grade API Service SG type or Higher. The Mobil 1 on sale at CTC this weekend is SAE 0W-30 Grade API Service SN The SN Grade is considered obsolete now and the SN is back serviceable according to the Petroleum Quality Institute of America.The Petroleum Quality Institute of America
  9. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    With the poor early winter conditions especially in the south, I believe it would be unwise for the OFSC to push early closure subject to safety issues. If the clubs see that the trails can be safely available without more grooming for a week or two with some traffic and they decide to stay open then good on them IMHO.
  10. End of season prognosis

  11. April 6th to 9th Temiscaming Quebec

    I think you are right and we previously discussed this. When we got to the main street stop sign in Dupuis, we went straight through about 500 yards and the trail to the gas station went to the right.
  12. April 6th to 9th Temiscaming Quebec

    Last time we went across you had to go to the next village of Dupuis to get gas. about 12 km. further east from the main road crossing in La Reine to get to the gas station.
  13. Last ride of the season April 5th - 9th

    More than one PISTON LAKE CRUISERS sticker on that warm up shack on Trail 93. Boy I love those trails up there.
  14. Anyone else out inthe Missing Link this weekend?

    Why would there need to be any trail signs? The video might have covered 2 km. at a maximum so it may well be the case that no signs were required because there wasn't a curve or corner that was thought by the club volunteers to not be safely navigable at 50 km.
  15. quebec trails map & info

    Our club sent a trail change request to delete a section of B203 (The trail was moved to another existing trail further west) to the district in May 2017. The District office sent the change request to the OFSC because as I was told by the District 5 employee who handles changes ,the District cannot do trail deletions. As you can see from the view of the ITG just now, nothing has been done. It shows the B203 starting at no other trail intersection and travelling north to a trail intersection where the B203 appears to end. The OFSC was reminded again about this change request in the fall of 2017. It seems based on the above that it may not always be the fault of the clubs or District Offices that trail addition / deletion / location changes are not made to the ITG in a timely fashion.