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  1. Kirkland lake corridor

    We have always liked the Quality Inn at New Liskeard. Has pool and hot tub. They have large parking area at the back to leave truck and trailer while you are away. Park sleds outside room door. Downside is that you have to go across the road or kitter corner to eat. Nice one day trip to either Timmins or Cochrane from there. Trails aren't open at present but should be good by the end of February. If you are looking for rooms there and they aren't available, I have 2 adjoining rooms booked there for February 22nd and Feb. 27th that we now find we aren't going to use. PM me if you want them before I cancel them. Anyone else interested in the rooms can contact me as well. First come first served.
  2. Quebec Weekend January 20th

    The closest trails to your motel seem to show open on the Quebec map. The only closed trail appears to be 63 to the southeast.
  3. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    Must not have had a working low oil level auto shutdown. I know some diesel computerized commercial truck engines that did not come standard with a shutdown system only with a warning system and an optional shutdown system for oil pressure and coolant temp. Other engines available could be programmed as requested for auto shutdown or just warning or derate.
  4. Snowmobiles to the Rescue

    These incident reports as written seem a little strange to me. Possibly (like many media reports) reality was different than what was reported. One of the reports above states they weren't riding on the "packed trail" when they went in the water. It does state that they were trying to ease the rough ride for the patient by staying off the packed trail. Am I wrong in thinking that the packed trail as rough as it probably was would also be the safest route. I guess it's a judgement call that had to be made in adverse conditions but I think I would have stuck to the packed trail even if the trip had to take longer. All that being said, I'm sure glad I wasn't one of those 4 first responder's and I believe they deserve our thanks for putting their own lives on the line.
  5. Sault Ste Marie to Halfway Haven - doable with no gas in Searchmont?

    According to expert opinion on this forum it is not possible to get to Halfway from Soo without extra fuel. The following seems to be the consensus on the best way to do the trip if you are trailering to the Soo: "heyden corners now has a gas bar, not sure you can park there (I have never saw people park there). might be better to call carl at driftwood valley chalets in searchmont, and stage there. easier access, security for trailers/trucks is better. and no worries about fuel by starting there."
  6. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Not sure what area you are speaking of but if there was enough snow in southern Ontario to be open trails would likely be yellow now IMHO. With the forcasted mild temps I doubt too many red ones will change colour.
  7. sled at the dealer.

    Still an alternative if you need the sled.
  8. sled at the dealer.

    You probably should have taken it to that one non idiot
  9. A Trail north of Matheson

    Maybe you meant to say Timmins or Cochrane??
  10. Best accomidations and restaurant in Timmins?

    Funny how it goes, we have been there probably 10 different times over the years and the place has been packed and parking lot on downtown side full every time i can remember.
  11. A Trail north of Matheson

    Ask about the C trail when you are in Smooth Rock Falls. Their club the Arctic Riders is working on a re route for the C trail due to the logging, Their groomers run out of a building along the highway close to the welcome to SRF sign. Please let us know if you find out any info. about the re route.
  12. Dubreuilville to Halfway Haven to Timmins

    We've done it once before the route went through Half Way. You have a big day set out for you IMHO. We stayed in Chapleau the time we did it. From Chapleau to Timmins is approx.175 miles. It was a full day for us. We lost about 45 minutes getting a rock out of the doo tunnel that he picked up going through a creek. From Chapleau to Folyet was a "work for your miles" trail at that time. Somebody told me it has gotten a bit better since then, but still looks pretty wiggly on the ITG. From Folyet to Timmins was a little straighter. When we went there was fuel and food available in Chapleau and Folyet. The ITG still shows fuel at the Folyet general store and food at the Northern Lights Restaurant( where you can get your pic with an mounted albino moose head ). Good luck on your trip. Sounds like fun.
  13. A Trail north of Matheson

    If it doesn't get opened before you go, you could always run from Matheson north along Monahane rd. and then Rese rd. up to Montieth and catch the open A north there.
  14. Looking for seat for polaris edge

    Looks like it's off a 2004 Classic.
  15. A Trail north of Matheson

    It was the same thing last year. If I remember correctly there was an issue with a club up there (Val Gagne maybe?). Anyway it took some time to get a couple of other clubs to cover the area if I remember correctly. That area is mostly field and road running if memory serves. Shouldn't be too difficult to run side roads to get through that section.