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  1. Turbo Burgo

    4 day round trip from Elliot Lake

    We're departing Elliot lake on route to Chapleau on Saturday morning, Sunday we are riding from Chapleau to Wawa, Monday back to Elliot lake. Looking like it will be an 1100 km trip. If we had more time (4+ days) we would probably have done this... Day 1 - Elliott lake to Chapleau Day 2 - Chapleau to Timmins Day 3 - Timmins to Sudbury Day 4 - Sudbury to Elliot lake We were also thinking of riding searchmont area but accommodations and fuel are issues in this area. Let us know what you come up with!
  2. Turbo Burgo

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2018-2019 - Season

    Any update on fuel in searchmont? What is everyone doing for fuel when touring the area? Where is the closest fuel south of searchmont if they still don't have a gas station? We're looking at heading through the searchmont area riding from Chapleau and halfway haven next weekend on route to blind river and then up to Elliot lake. Any updates or recommendations would be appreciated.
  3. Turbo Burgo

    D trail south of Wawa

    Is Halfway open now? Appears green on the map. Just wondering as we will likely be in the area next weekend riding from Elliot Lake to Chapleau.
  4. Turbo Burgo

    Great Lake run today

    Hey GrizzlyGriff, Ever extend the invite to other OC'ers? I would love to do this ride with an experienced guide and see how everything connects!!!
  5. Lost and Found! I found a skidoo Handlebar Muff on Lake Scugog yesterday on the north west side of scugog Island. If anyone is missing one or knows of someone missing one, please message me.
  6. It does now! GREEN to the park in fenelon falls now!!!
  7. Well I'm happy to report that I got out yesterday before the thaw and rain as well. Unloaded in kinmount and rode to Haliburton. 2 minutes north of kinmount the trails improved significantly and were great right in to Hali! So glad I got out. Only saw 2 other groups all the way there and back! Lots of tracks going across head lake in town. Not this guy. I took the path around it! Nice little designated sled parking area in Haliburton now too! Thanks to the clubs and volunteers! Awesome evening!
  8. Thanks for the report Livin. Looks like we're parked for another week. Fingers crossed santa brings us some snow and cold weather!
  9. Thinking about loading up today and heading north in the morning to Kinmount or Bancroft. Just looking for some first hand input as to how the trails held up after the rain and warmth. Anybody go for a ride today or live in in these areas? How is it? Worth the trek?
  10. Just wanted to give a BIG shout out to the Port Perry Snowmobile Club for hosting the Snowmobile Operator Courses this year! I dropped my 13 year old daughter off at the clubhouse on Saturday morning at 8:30. There must have been 30 other students anxiously awaiting the course as well!!! This is great news for our sport!!! By the end of the afternoon she was a fully licenced operator and learned tons of knowledge about snowmobiling safety, emergency situations, ride preparation, the laws and machine prep/maintenance. I believe this is the 3rd course they have run this year and they mentioned they could have booked another 5 more as they had an overwhelming amount of requests. Thanks again PPSC! Can't wait to put on some quality miles with my family this year!!!
  11. Turbo Burgo

    ICE In 2019

    I saw sled tracks on the east shore of Lake Scugog on Saturday. Sources also tell me there is 8 inches on Head Lake in Haliburton. Don't think I would trust either bodies of water right now... thats nuts!
  12. Turbo Burgo


    And I thought riding dry roads was hard on the machines...
  13. Turbo Burgo

    Bon Echo Trails?

    Thinking of heading up Sunday morning first thing. Would love to hear how they are once you return today!
  14. Turbo Burgo

    Elliot Lake

    I heard first hand from one of my closest riding buddies that the trails are literally "mint" in Elliot Lake right now. He lives, works and rides in Elliot Lake and was last out riding on Sunday. Get going!
  15. Turbo Burgo

    Even more yellow !!

    My buddies in the North are pissed at us Southern riders! LOL. The south usually does open first however, it is also usually the first to close and get killed with the thaws and warm ups which are usually a weekly event in recent years!!!