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  1. Yes that is the case right now. Co-workers of my brother got pinched for towing a 2 place sled trailer behind a yellow stickered cube van (their chase vehicle).
  2. I tried to edit out the space which resulted in one word of the quote on each line. Ended up just deleting what you had quoted.
  3. X2 on the 100 mile exemption. A friend took me from North Bay to the Tembec mill in Temiscaming in his truck several years ago. Before we headed to the yard, I asked him if this would mess up his HoS. He said no. It was under a 100 miles & he would have enough out of service hours before his next trip was to start.
  4. revrnd

    Throwback Thursday

    You dont like the white & blue registration stickers? Not sure how many winters the bottom plate was used.
  5. I wonder how many regulations are written up by people that have no experience whatsoever w/ any matter?
  6. A friend used to haul show trucks on an open car trailer. He carried a copy of the regs in his truck. He was fed up with the nonsense during inspections. "That isn't chained properly" "Here's the diagram" (pointing @ regs) "Oh, OK"...
  7. Hopefully the new regs are straightforward and not subject to the whims of the individual LEO or MTO personnel.
  8. I'm in the 'no steel bumper' camp... Not seeing the need for 1. The next thing will be alum' moose bars.
  9. Was it consumers or the dealers that complained to BRP about the magenta or some other funky colour for the slide rails? The colour changed to something a little more eye-pleasing between the spring preview and fall delivery.
  10. Decontenting is the term. From what I've read online the folks that snow checked Poos were happy w/ the spring order process. I think BRP figures 'doo owners will buy regardless. I wonder if a rebooted 12/3 w/ XRS graphics would sell?
  11. revrnd

    Cochrane Update..

    Meanwhile in Cochrane this morning...
  12. revrnd

    Black Creek Outfitters for sale?

    More or less...
  13. revrnd

    Black Creek Outfitters for sale?

    Ski' some grumbling on DooTalk about HH. I along w/ most others are grateful they're open & allows us to ride in that area. What do these clowns expect in the middle of nowhere, the Waldorf Astoria? "Give your head a shake"
  14. revrnd

    Is the RAP Tour Almost Dead?

    X2 I think the non-motorized users would be quite happy to have the cost of 'grooming' (by the parks & rec department) borne by the taxpayers as opposed to the local snowmobile club doing it gratis. Someone posted earlier this winter about snowmobiles on a groomed railbed near Midland offending other users. Now the club can't groom it & nobody maintains it. Some of these people should heed this saying, "Be careful what you wish for".
  15. revrnd

    Oh the people you meet

    Four of us were @ the Masonic Temple in Toronto seeing Collective Soul years ago. Had a few rounds w/ a couple from Guelph. The next night 2 of us were in a bar near the Gardens after another concert & the 'doo sled preview. Next thing you know the guy from Guelph says hi. He'd been up to see the Leafs lose to the Flyers.