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  1. revrnd

    The freeriding has to STOP

    Today I saw a girl driving thru the village while talking & holding a white rectangular object to her ear. Obviously the deterrents arent steep enough yet on the distracted driving front...
  2. revrnd

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    The Ash Grove in Barrys Bay provides a couple of towels beside the door for sledders when we stayed there in Feb'.
  3. revrnd

    Mileage this season, so far...

    3014 miles for me. Jotting it down on my mileage records & this was my 4th best season for miles travelled.
  4. revrnd

    Annual end of winter Hecla Resort trip

    Loks like you guys had a great day!
  5. revrnd

    Revrnd's Adventures

    This would make our firewood cutting a lot easier @ the woodlot. We already have the skidways from when it was logged in '07. On the home stretch @ the TOP E/E107 intersection
  6. revrnd

    Revrnd's Adventures

    https://goo.gl/images/j5ivmY Last day of riding for me, 3014 miles for the season. On TOP E just south of Hwy 118.
  7. revrnd

    The freeriding has to STOP

    One word & it starts w/ an 'i'....
  8. revrnd

    Kids Snowmobile suggestion

    I had a MXZ500 in the S chassis & was not impressed w/ its handling. If I wasn't thrilled w/ the sled, I doubt a kid would enjoy riding it. If you're thinking of 'doos a 550F in a ZX or REV chassis might be better. I had 2 ZX sleds & the were a big improvement o er the S chassis. Saw 2 younger riders on 550 REVs up in Whitney a week ago. Another sled not mentioned yet is the Indy 340 that replaced the Lite.
  9. revrnd

    Kids Snowmobile suggestion

    OK it must be another OCer w/ a younger sledder we saw up near Moonbeam.
  10. revrnd

    Kids Snowmobile suggestion

    You guys have ridden up in Kap' too?
  11. revrnd

    Revrnd's Adventures

    Somewhat icy conditions on the railbed today affecting handling & cooling. 140 klicks today On TOP E just south of McArthur Mills. Road was crappy, so I didn't bother riding to Griff's On Bessemer spur heading back towards the main railbed. No transports on the trails, just this billboard. On E110 just west of B106E Rock cut south of Detlor Ice formation. I bet it would've looked a lot 'bluer' w/ the sun on it.
  12. revrnd

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Tell me something I didn't already know... 6 months to finalize a home break claim in that resulted in 16 Gs worth of lost property. When I asked them why it had been taking so long for a resolution I was told "Oh, the person looking after your claim has been off sick for a couple of months. That's why it's been delayed". 4710 klicks or 2926 miles so far. Maybe a couple more rides, could hit 3000 miles for the season.
  13. revrnd

    The freeriding has to STOP

    I wonder how many of the 'freeriders' would even think of driving north of 17? As I said to my nephew years ago, they're a marketer's wet dream. Buy a sled that is totally unsuitable for southern Ontario (hey isn't that all the OEMs focus on?) & ride wherever they want. A BCX or Freeride is the perfect sled for the Ganny But hey, what would I know, I'm just a grumpy old guy that hates what is becoming of the sport...
  14. revrnd

    Gas between Timmins and Temiskaming Shores

    OK, I just filled up the sled not being picky about the octane. Were both nozzles in use? As you can see one was bagged out of order. I can't see the locals putting premium in their vehicles.