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  1. Is the AMCO in Port Sydney still open? Looking @ Google Streetview the image from 2015 shows a motorcyclist possibly filling up.
  2. https://www.point2homes.com/CA/Other-Sale/ON/Algoma-Sudbury/North-Sudbury/2000A-CHINIGUCHI-RD-MARKSTAY-ON/39187211.html
  3. Passed a transport this afternoon on the 35/115. Class 8 tractor (black) w/ an empty flat deck. The tractor had 1 of these plates on the front bumper so the owner must be a sledder: I think the name was Scott Cannon or Gannon, definitely from Fenelon Falls. May be a contact if looking for shipping.
  4. X2 I think we've all heard that certain types are good for flat, railbed type terrain while others are better for rocky, forested areas.
  5. I got an email today from 1 of the club's exec. Apparently the OFSC is requested vendors propose for both converted farm tractors as well as purpose-built (OEM) machines. I take it the tractors would include both Ebert conversions & the 'Soucy-style' units. I have heard concerns about the Soucy-style units not being the greatest on 'softer terrain' w/ their 4 tracks as opposed to the Eberts w/ the 2 tracks.
  6. Thanks Denis. I wasn't aware of the closure.
  7. Thanks AC
  8. Thanks Denis. I posed a question about the closure on the mailing list. As of now I haven't received a response. Nothing on the Companion's website about the restaurant being unavailable.
  9. Reading elsewhere on the 'net tonight and there is mention that restaurant facilities aren't available at the motel. Since when has this been the case?
  10. Some recent updates Fenelon Falls: Sundial Motel is now the Road 121 Motel Gilmour: Gilmour Inn is no longer open for lodgings HR Steakhouse appears to be closed (signage has been partially dismantled) Rosedale: Rosedale Motel is now Balsam Lake Boutique Motel
  11. You mean the people that go to those shysters and shylocks aren't sledders? LOL D&D are clogging up the airwaves in Ptbo now
  12. Terrestial radio is playing the same old same old even though folks have all these alternatives. Loving the SiriusXM in the new truck. My previous truck had a USB port. W/ the Sirius in the truck I hardly ever have the radio on. The Wolf (owned by Corus) is more or less Q107 North. Very limited & uninspired playlist.
  13. Sounds like an candidate in a union election LOL
  14. The motel and restaurant were purchased this spring. The new owners are currently renovating the rooms.
  15. Wood grate from the firebox of the cook stove. There is a crank hanging on the wall in Denis' pic.