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  1. revrnd

    OC Decals

    Does anyone have a jpeg file of the OC logo that would be suitable for having decal printed w/o the white background? I'd to get 1 for the back window of my truck but don't want it to look like a giant contingency decal.
  2. revrnd

    A Look Into The Past

    I'm thinking the dealerships in Bonfield & Mattawa closed @ the same time?
  3. Yes but look at where a lot of the trails run, hydro cuts.
  4. revrnd

    A Look Into The Past

    What year was the big purge of dealerships?
  5. revrnd

    A Look Into The Past

    Mid 90s? I know during our doomed RAP Tour of '97 there no longer was a 'doo dealer in Mattawa. I remember sometime in the 90s my brother picking up a pair of carbides @ Gehrke's in Pt. Loring.
  6. revrnd

    A Look Into The Past

    Going thru some stuff & found these photocopied sheets. Not sure why I was listing the dealerships. I'd have to say more than half of them are no longer in business.
  7. revrnd

    Photo Request (Paudash Area)

    Thanks you guys! How recent were the pics taken at the Miskwabi intersection? Obviously the 605 TOP E pic is a few years old.
  8. If anyone has any photos taken showing the mapboard at the intersection of TOP E and Paudash's Miskwabi Trail, could you PM me? Thanks
  9. What is the situation where Hydro One is crossing Crown Land? Look at the trails in northern Ontario, miles of TOP A & TOP C run along power corridors.
  10. No temp report but saw 2 flocks of geese flying south today.
  11. The D2 governor was @ our monthly meeting last week & I asked him about it. He said that he was aware of the policy. I can see a section of E107 where this COULD be an issue. If E110 was open near Bow Lake (closed until further notice) it would be affected.
  12. I had a post shared to my Faceplant page yesterday that the food truck @ Reid's Store will be open this winter to serve snowmobilers.