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  1. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    Look for the Danco/Damco signs & you'll be good to go.
  2. 2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    You would think that the 600 carb MXZ Sport would move to the XS chassis. It & the 550F Expedition are the only 2 models left using the XP chassis. It doesn't make any sense to keep that chassis. In this day of lean manufacturing & JIT inventory, they aren't using up leftover parts.
  3. North Channel

    Not sure of crossing the Channel, but the sledding on St. Joseph Is. looked liked it would be good. Lots of varied terrain. We camped in Richards Landing in 2016 & toured the island.
  4. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    If you were riding in from the east on A111C, L24 goes right past Mikes (where the gang ate lunch & abandoned me) & Wacky Wings. There's an ESSO just off L24 as you head north towards TOP C.
  5. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    When SJ, apeXman & I were up there in '16, we checked out the south loops (1st time for me) unfortunately, w/ the warm weather @ the time, the stretch of road running ( a fair distance) was like running on chocolate pudding. Only bad road running we had to deal w/ that trip.
  6. Happy birthday to me

    Is oil injection electronically controlled? The manual for my sled says that during the first few hours of break-in, the engine management system controls some engine parameters which will slightly reduce the engine performance.
  7. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    X2 on the clubhouse
  8. She is singing

    I've had a hate on for "The Chipmunk" for about 10 years. He was all excited about a thaw/rain cycle a week before our Northern Blastoff. "How small will these snowbanks be by next Tuesday?" On Mon' we were in Geraldton watching TWN. There was a segment about the flooding in SW Ontario. The 1 homeowner they were talking to had 2 or 3 feet of water in their basement .
  9. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    Yes, not sure how long ago, but my North Bay trucker friend mentioned it the other day when I was @ their place. He's on a daily run to Cochrane so he'd notice it. I'm sure it was still open in 2016 when we passed thru on the drive to Kap'
  10. SLed done for the year

    Crispy, my thoughts exactly on how I dealt w/ my situation. Other than the motor issues, I liked the REV. I was happy what the dealer gave me & saved me dealing w/ idgits on online if I had parted it out.
  11. She is singing

    Thrown by a monkey
  12. Zrtkat in Amos drinking coffee

    Or you need a forklift to pick up your buddies leather jackets & bibs .
  13. Zrtkat in Amos drinking coffee

    That's all that matters!
  14. Zrtkat in Amos drinking coffee

    Hope the weather cooperates for you & you make it 'home' dry. Probably the worst day of riding I've endured up north was from Elliot Lake to North Bay in freezing rain. Co-workers were riding the same day from Timmins to NL in snow . Watching the 'snow line' on TWN the morning we left & it ran from the Soo to Temagami. Did you see much traffic today? The day we ran from NL to Amos via Noranda, it didn't appear all that busy. There was another group of sledders from Ontario that night @ the motel. That was where we met DooDaDave from the Sonya area. Didn't see too many sleds the next day riding to Cochrane either.
  15. Month old Yamaha bent tunnel!?

    A friend had a '94 Vmax 600 & couldn't beat my '95 440 on a lake the season I bought it. He took it to the dealer & turned out the secondary bushings were worn out & it wouldn't shift out. They wouldn't cover them. I would've been p!@#$d to say the least.