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  1. revrnd

    Sledarama - Peterborough

    https://m.facebook.com/gatewaypowersports/photos/a.237808633221871/758198327849563/?type=3 I was in the shop a couple of weeks ago and he wasn't in. I bought my Blizzard thru him last winter. Sad to hear the news.
  2. revrnd

    Sledarama - Peterborough

    LOL I wish I felt like that.
  3. revrnd

    Sledarama - Peterborough

    I came down w/ a cold & scratchy throat today so I'm staying home & keeping a low profile.
  4. revrnd

    Sledarama - Peterborough

    I came down w/ a cold & scratchy throat today so I'm staying home & keeping a low profile.
  5. revrnd

    Early rides 2018 - 2019

    The yard isn't big enough to put that many miles on w/o flattening out all the snow. That's what the nephew would do Sat' morning on the Elan after fresh snow. Ride around until the yard was completely covered w/ sled tracks.
  6. revrnd

    Early rides 2018 - 2019

    Rearranging the sleds in our shed:
  7. revrnd

    Snow in Barrie November 14, 2018

    Drove up the 400 on Mon' & everything was bare. Some snow piles in parking lots.
  8. revrnd

    Cat dealer closing

    After GM closed a bunch of dealerships back in '09, I saw a truck on the 401 in western Ontario w/ a bunch of Jerome xxxx signs. I think it was a dealership in Windsor IIRC.
  9. revrnd

    Silversands(WhiskeyJacks) and Kearney Legion.

    X2 Not much reason to stay @ Silversands if there is no food or fuel available on site.
  10. revrnd

    Coldest Temp 2018/2019 Thread

    Low overnight it was -9* C here.
  11. Luc has posted some pics from D'ville. Looks about 6 or so inches on the ground there.
  12. revrnd

    Cat dealer closing

    Do they still own the building in Novar? I think it still has the Cat signs on it as well. It makes you wonder why a business that isn't officially a brand's dealer would have that brand's signage. I know of a couple of auto shops that specialize solely on a particular import brand. Yes the brand is mentioned in their signage, but they don't use the brand's logo.
  13. revrnd

    Cat dealer closing

    Hard to say what Bass Pro has in mind w/ Cabelas since the purchase. The chap that owns the Camping World chain in the US purchased the bankrupt Gander Mountain chain & reorganized it (w/ store closings) as Gander Outdoors.
  14. revrnd

    Cat dealer closing

    Lowes is closing the Rona in Lakefield, which I think was Cashway years ago. Not all that big of a location. There is another lumber yard in the town (Kingdons') which also owns a busy truss operation. I've never seen the location so I don't know how big it is.