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  1. revrnd


    Eastbound on Hwy 7 east of Ptbo. Not sure if this is relevant to the story, but I think the truck was struggling to do 80 klicks on the flat LOL. I was doing a bit over 90 & flew by him. chez nous, I was up to Brampton & back today, no sled sighting on the 401 or 410.
  2. revrnd


    Not sure what was up this morning, but working by our gate south of Apsley on 28 & a pickup went by towing an open trailer. Single ski-doo on the trailer. I'm thinking a bit early to be someone taking a 2020 home.
  3. As of this month the business has been sold and will be a private residence. Truck and trailer parking will not be allowed. Follow this thread for future updates.
  4. Maybe the gov't could repeal the regulation eliminating the 'catch' on fuel nozzles. A pox on the nanny state!
  5. revrnd

    groomer guy

    I saw his Facebook post yesterday & wished him a speedy recovery ☺
  6. revrnd


    Just like the advertising and product lineup...
  7. revrnd


    Maybe they shop them north 1st where they know the snow arrives sooner?
  8. revrnd


    Seen some loads of Sea-doos and Can-ams on the 401. No sign of sleds though.
  9. In Arizona specifically. I saw on the news several years ago their DMV/DOT is very lax about the enforcement of vehicle safety. The MTO would pull plates off trucks & U Haul would contact HQ about 'lost plates' to replace them. I dont know if things have improved concerning U Haul trucks, but I think in the 90s their fleet was pretty sketchy. I seem to remember some ancient Ford straight trucks @ their Oshawa location.
  10. revrnd

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    YIKES! I wonder if using teflon or nylatron sheet would be more durable? Is the Triton 'gasket' just rubber?
  11. revrnd

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    What is the spacer made off? Is it the result of galvanic reaction?
  12. revrnd

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Winter of 2018, irREVerent hauled my sled along w/ his in his TC-167 to Timmins & I don't recall any loading issues. This was the 1st time I had loaded my sled in an enclosed trailer.
  13. revrnd

    A New Trailer Suspension?

    The 'sidewalk/parking lane' in the village slopes towards the street. That may give the illusion the LH tire is larger.
  14. revrnd

    A New Trailer Suspension?

    Thats what I'm thinking. I didnt know whether to laugh or shake my head when I saw it. I think even the trailers used to haul pontoon boats have a suspension. Just another cobbled together trailer gracing our highways... Mind you it looks like he's good to go w/ the MTO, USDOT & ICC concerning the conspicuity tape regs.
  15. revrnd

    A New Trailer Suspension?

    If it was the air pressure was maxed out when it bounced over the curb. Seriously, if air bags were being used wouldn't a means to keep the axle located fore/aft (trailing arms) & laterally (track bar) not be required?