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  1. New Gloves

    LOL You sound like my grandmother! You'd better watch who you say that around. I can't help you as I'm still wearing a pair of Reima gloves that I bought years ago.
  2. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    Downtown isn't the greatest for parking (especially w/ a truck) or for out of towners to navigate. Boston Pizza, Montanas, Kelsey's & East Side Marios are on Landsdowne West.
  3. Can someone clear this up. I was told @ the T.O. sled show that there is no trail access for the Fairfield, yet their map ad says they're located directly on the trail.
  4. Are The Lakes Safe Yet?

    If the puddles are frozen in Pt Perry, Scugog is safe to run on...
  5. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    My friend let me know he got his permit in the mail. All is good.
  6. Change of the Tide?

    This reminds me of an event in the early 70s that ticked off my mother. The Peterborough chapter of the Civitan Club, held a 'SnoDo 100' charity ride on the local trails in Apsley. This was before there was an OFSC presence in the area & grooming was limited (I think the local motel owner chipped in gas money). Sledders of the day pretty much knew what to expect what our was riding conditions were like. After the ride, the condition of the trails along the route was even worse than to be expected. Well mother (who grew up in Apsley and has been riding since the winter of '70) wrote a letter to the Peterborough Examiner asking if the Civitan Club was aware of the mess that had resulted because of their ride. A few days later the chapter president replied & more or less said, "What can you expect, someone from the city buys an acre lot and figures they own the place." I guess since her surname wasn't Anglo-Saxon like the names in the area, she was an outsider. Everyone got a chuckle over that. I'm pretty sure that was the only winter the event was held.
  7. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    Email on my friend's account. His ordered went thru with no issues.
  8. Change of the Tide?

    E107 uses a portion of a hydro cut on private property north of Apsley. The groomed trail is on 1 side of the easement but there is always tracks off trail beside the trail. Where the trail turns off the easement, the tracks continue out of view. I wish the landowner hadn't requested the club to move the trail onto the hydro cut as the previous route thru the woods didn't allow for off trail riding unless you wanted to hit a tree.
  9. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    Does anyone recall if there were issues in the past @ the last minute?
  10. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    I'm taking this as if you're credit card was charged, the OFSC and/or the fulfillment outfit know of your transaction.
  11. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    A page or group can be set up so that posts have to be approved before they're visible.
  12. Ontario Lodging Info

    If anyone here knows Robert Strach or Tom Gommels, could you contact them and have them email or PM me? Trying to contact them about the lodging database. TIA!
  13. Nice Places on the RAP

    That's not nice!
  14. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    That's fine & dandy, but what about the issue of folks that were partway thru a transaction?
  15. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    My friend's email account got the same message as an email. No sign of it on my account. My brother's exchange w/ the OFSC yesterday: The OFSC response: Other than my friend's Visa account being charged, I have no idea if a permit was actually purchased as of now.